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I've already told you about the original Bgaming Aztec Magic game and now we'll hear about the newest and greatest of all the Aztec Magic Deluxe slot machines. The Aztec Magic Deluxe is a beautiful themed Aztec themed slot machine that features several other unique features not found on similar designs, and is by no means a copy of any other existing Aztec Magic set. Book of Aztec Slot Machine by Amatic Industries has been designed for users to engage with and enjoy. As with the Bgaming Aztec Magic game, Bgaming's Aztec Magic Deluxe has an adjustable height of 6,7 or 7 inches. That means a maximum 6 or 7 foot high Aztec character, or the player's own avatar.

Aztec Magic Deluxe spins play out on a picking metre, with whatever symbol that appears during the free spin feature will become extra wilds that remain locked in position throughout the duration of the free spins.

There are 3 Aztec slot machine types available, Aztec Magic Deluxe with 2 high and one low slots and a single-color slot. Aztec Magic Deluxe has a total of 11 characters (one high slot and 13 low slots, each with a different set of features. The Aztec Idols bundle is now available from our local store. The Aztec Magic Deluxe has a total of 10 machines (one high and one low slot, but there are two different themes to choose from, one dark theme and one light theme. Each of these themes have different graphics, animations and sound effects, with the dark theme having a higher chance of being chosen because of the dark characters and low cost at 15,000 Aztec credits.

The lighting theme has a higher chance of being chosen, which means you'll be able to get out of your seat and play the card games for a limited period of time! What sets this Aztec slot machine apart from the other Aztec Magic Deluxe themed gaming slots is the Aztec themed casino game cards which come in a set of 5 unique colors (orange, green, blue, white and red). The Aztec Magic Deluxe has a total of 27 unique cards (one high slot, 13 low slots, and 3 special decks). The White Wolf Slot can also be purchased at any retailer. There are 7 total slots, 15 different decks, a total of 10 cards, and a total of 10 bonus cards which can be found by completing a bonus round.

A total of 2 bonus rounds give you bonus cards for each player. The set of game cards which can be used is 5 unique cards of different colors. Each card has 3 different abilities. The Dynasty of Ming Slot Machine is actually played in your online world, even where you're online, to pay for your online poker account. You get to choose 1 ability from each of these 5 unique cards for your character(s) and the amount of those abilities is 1 per player.

The Aztec Magic Deluxe gaming site will continue to grow this holiday year, starting with a new online slot for B gaming on June 23 in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.

It is in my opinion the best game in the Aztec Magic series, with the added bonus of being able to add up all of the abilities in one roll and use that to determine how much total damage an opposing character can take before being knocked out. It's like a classic "Magic: The Gathering" style game, but in Aztec. The Aztec Warrior Princess is among the fruits of your everyday career, especially with regards to base game play. The Aztec Magic Deluxe features 2 game deck slots, one high and one low in each of the 7 different theme decks and 1 bonus deck for each player.

I also picked up a set of 3 Aztec themed casino game cards, one of each from each of the 5 dark theme decks and one of each red theme deck. The player chooses a color or combination of colors and that choice determines what abilities you receive from your unique high, low, or bonus deck.

You also have to pick a card for each of the game deck slots, but that's more of a convenience aspect, so there are no penalties for picking bad cards.

Additional thoughts:

  • Check out the video below to see the game in action. And a little bonus to us? This new Aztec Magic Deluxe slot is available for pre-order at the Bgaming website. If you don't already order a slot before September 28th we'll contact you to schedule an appointment.

    Have fun and check out our review of the new Bgaming Aztec Magic Deluxe slot.

  • This may not be as stylish as Aztec Magic’s preferably in terms of visuals, however the game play and its bonus features are more than adequate and will keep you happily entertained with countless hours of relaxation and fun. The Aztec Magic Deluxe online slot contains a gamble feature that players can use to double their live pot whenever they win during a spin. By selecting 'Gamble' a roll of 5 will appear, with players then selecting either ‘Collect’ or the entire amount of money on the displayed value. If you choose to gamble, this will end in you forfeiting the sum at this point.

    This continues until you either cash out at this selection, reach the top feature (in addition to any potential gambles elsewhere in the offering) or have a spin again (and enter the gamble feature for each spin of the reels by clicking the Collect button at the right time to do so).

  • You can customize these icons with your own art on a single sheet to create multiple designs or multiple cards with unique art for your custom color pallet. Aztec Magic Deluxe is fully loaded with the card stock and cards for all of your custom colors cards. Aztec Magic Deluxe slots allows you to use your existing Aztec Magic cards! Aztec Magic Deluxe will work in both the deck builder or on a separate sheet.

    You can also custom deck the deck so you want the Aztec Magic cards to appear in one of the colors you have used as your deck!

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Discover a generous array of bonuses and promotions!

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