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For example, the bonus in the beauty fairies slot is one, and a bonus of a hundred coins is given, as a reminder that this virtual item is a gift from the fairies. The Beauty Fairy slot machine is part of Amatic's Magic-Style game line, a collection of titles that include magic-themed mini-games. Amatic slot cards don’t cost money or take too long to produce, and they can be used on any Amatic slot. A Beauty Fairy slot machine in a magic-themed slot.

Beauty Fairy slot is simple to play, easy to use, and intuitive

Each of Amatic's game lines includes several different versions of these mini-games. These features work best for slot machines that are designed to have multiple games in a set, and Amatic's Magic-Style titles are such games. Crystal Forest 4K slots will be coming out to PC immediately. It adds something extra to the slot box that the slot machine can have no matter what it is. In this game the beauty fairies appear as "fairies" in a fantasy setting but don't really look like fairies at all.

Beauty Fairy features a wheel, each colour can count as one point

They also don't appear to be in any real danger, which is nice. There are four magic-themed slots in Amatic's Magic-Style slot line. Tweety Birds Slots are available as a package. Two games are made up of one slot, and the remaining slot is a mini-game. I don't feel like listing every little feature that Amatic has added to the slot machine, but some of them do fit in perfectly with the rest of Amatic's games.

Most of the beauty fairies slots are in a magic-themed setting, and the game board is one of the best looking on the whole line. It looks pretty much perfect when played in a virtual game, but the experience can be enhanced with a virtual version. Hot scatter symbols appear stacked on the reels, but you can find that these ‘ Rocks’ come in very handy.

Beauty Fairy is more often than not themed to what the fairies are wearing, and the designs are simple to remember thanks to a simple symbol scheme.

That's why the slot is on the bottom of the box. Beauty Fairies game board. A real beauty fairy appears as a little fairy that seems to be walking down a snowy path. Secrets of the Sand Slot was launched at the beginning of summer 2013, controlled by Victor Wanders. It's not exactly the prettiest card design, but it's pretty.

A beauty fairy card. The beauty fairies are a nice addition to the slots. Book of Aztec Slots will be available for a limited time now through EGM Online for PC, Mac and Linux. They don't really work as well as I would have liked, but there was enough good that I'd keep the slots.

There was an additional slot option, but it's a pretty standard slot design that you can see elsewhere in Amatic's line. A beauty fairy card with an extra slot. In order to earn a few extra coins and win more power ups, a second game mode is available. You have to defeat a boss to move the slots to the top of the card screen, meaning you don't get to use them as well as the first game mode.

I would have preferred to see the slots stay there. The Beauty Fairy slot has been a popular slot since it's release, and Amatic has continued to push the slot to a new level of play. The slot plays just like any other Amatic game, but the graphics make all the difference for this slot.

The charm of Amatic slots is all about the design, and its beauties slot was such an improvement to the experience. It's a good slot for those who like good looking design. I think Beauty Fairy games that are designed to appeal to a mass audience are a necessity, but that doesn't mean that they should not be played in a proper or dedicated slot casino environment. What has been your experience with Amatic beauty fairies slot machines?

Have you ever had a chance to play a beauty fairies slot machine? Please share your experiences and tips with others in the comments below.

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