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The Call of the Colosseum reward system is open to anyone who wants to try the Call of the Colosseum, and we encourage you to test your skills by sharing your observations and questions in the comments below. The gladiators join the gladiators to save the empire from defeat in Call of the Colosseum. Secret Symbol was released on March 7, 2017, which is the anniversary of the famous 5-reel movie "Dune". It was a time of danger for the empire, but there was hope that they could rally to the cause. You’ll become a knight once again, and start by participating in an epic quest to liberate the capital from the vassals in order to reclaim the title of emperor.

As you progress, you will encounter enemies who are equally deadly. Play a battle against your enemies in the Call of the Colosseum – Gladiators slot by Nextgen Gaming. After you complete your quest, your stats in the Glory feature will increase, and you can claim glory rewards for each enemy you meet on your journey. The Emperor of the Sea Slot is currently available only at the China-only site, and will be available only till May 21, 2017. To help you on your quest in these gladiatorial battles, there is the special Glory Reward System which will award you with different types of bonuses for completing certain actions such as killing enemies or capturing flags.

Call of the Colosseum Slot Machine Amazing Bonus Round

Call of the Colosseum Slot Machine Amazing Bonus Round

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Battle against your enemies in the Call of the Colosseum – Glory slot by Nextgen Gaming. After you complete your quest you will be taken onto the stage, where you'll face an opponent who must stand on his merits if he is to stand any chance of taking the crown. The Glorious Rome Slot Machine game is played at the beginning of each match.

With that in mind, fight for glory in different ways, from using abilities such as the Shield Thrust ability to using your skills to stun your opponent and make their death less painful. It is imperative that you are always vigilant in order to ensure you remain in the hunt as the gladiator battle progresses. You can also be rewarded for participating in gladiator contests, which will let you experience the glorious gladiator fights. Mighty Star Wilds Hot Spins Plus Slot slot is also coming to the Android device which allows Mighty Hot Wilds slot on a mobile device. As you earn glory, you can claim rewards on your journey via their respective Glory Reward System.

Call of the Colosseum

When you finish your journey around the arena in Call of the Colosseum, you will gain access to bonus gladiator points within the Gold and Honour categories. When you defeat each enemy champion and earn the maximum number of medals, you will receive a bonus. 300 Shields Extreme is an online slot from Next Gen that has a stylish, cartoon style design.

You can also earn rewards of your own once you reach the end of the arena to earn more Glory Points. Take part in gladiator fights in the Call of the Colosseum – Honor slot by Nextgen Gaming. The Dragon Drop Game is a game mechanic where all dragons are dropped by you. When an emperor dies, the power of Rome will be divided between his heir and his wife. The newly elected heir will face a number of challenges, including surviving an invasion by hostile foreign armies, the rise of vassal nations or another powerful power from the land.

The gladiators of Call of the Colosseum provide the new ruler with an opportunity to redeem himself and turn the tables around. Your new emperor will be crowned, with the prestige that accrues from having amassed the largest armies of your time. To achieve this, many gladiators join him in the Colosseum for extra glory during battle.

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  • With Call of the Colosseum there is still some room for creativity, but it all comes down to the amount of people that have the patience and will to finish the game. While a few have been able to go with these choices which gives the game its unique flavour, it does give the players their fill of flavour, allowing them to get a new idea into the world of Call of the Colosseum. The other main theme that Will and Gussie will be giving away is that they plan to release the first ever free release game as soon as it's available next week on the Play Store. Read the full story below!

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