Classic Butterfly Hot Slot Machine

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From this model we can see that the main purpose of the slot and the slot itself is to create an environment to create the cool video effect at the center of the slot, the slot itself is completely empty during these two frames. We can easily see how it is completely empty, in fact, we can even see that the entire place is empty, even the back of the Butterfly Hot slot. Pixie Slot Machine is also about adventure; each run is a game of adventure. Zeus Play does keep this space filled with some pretty cool decorations around, and to be honest the reason we can see why there is this room of decorations is because they are just that well done, they keep things looking cool even at the worst viewing conditions.

The two images of the video slot are very similar in design, they are also very similar in size, size of the Butterfly Hot slot looks very similar to the Classic Butterfly Hot slot as well, and as the Butterfly Hot slot is usually 2-4 times its size, and then the main body of 1-3 times that size. You could say that the Classic Butterfly Hot is 2-4 in size and the Butterfly Hot slot is 3-7. Butterfly Staxx 2 Slot Machine opens and you get 600 points.

The next thing that our eyes have to do is really find out about the details inside the slot itself and to do that, we can also look at the details inside the Butterfly Hot slot itself as well. We can see that the main body of the slot is completely empty by using only the parts of the slot, no parts of the slot have ever seen our cameras, no pictures have been shot. Butterfly Slot Machine is the perfect slot for those who enjoy Butterfly styles, slick travelling graphics and a catchy theme. We do see some nice little lines and dots, we do not see any interesting details to make us doubt that the whole thing was designed with simplicity and fun in mind. We hope that this Classic Butterfly Hot slot will convince you to pick up some nice Classic Butterfly Hot slots!

Butterfly Kiss Classic Slot Machine, Dbg

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Final thoughts:

  • The slots in the slot will rotate (the head). This slot is based on 3D models and models of other butterflies. It also has the ability to be destroyed by smashing it!

    The Classic Butterfly Hot slot is designed to be the game breaker of the week, and the Butterfly has won with the right strategy and timing of the sun. The Classic Butterfly Hot slot is featured in this 3D photo from the Zeus Play site.

  • Classic Butterfly Hot is released under the Creative Commons license. The original Classic Butterfly Hot video was uploaded by Zeus Play at the 3D Design Festival 2010. Classic Butterfly Hot is being distributed on the OpenVOD platform.

    OpenVOD was formed in 2007 as a web and VOD platform to address issues with VOD which have caused problems with video quality. Zeus Play has not updated VOD of the Classic Butterfly Hot video at this time.

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