Cream of the Crop Slot

Cream of the Crop Slot

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The Rival Gaming website shows there are 16 images and a tagline as part of this slot. Rival Gaming is a Japanese video production company headquartered in Shibuya, Yokohama. This slot contains 16 images but the tags on the image are different than the tags on The Cream of the Crop. The tagline is ‪The Cream of The Crop. The Aussie Slots Online symbol design is very popular in different games of the Australian rules table. This slot does not contain the tagline, which is different than The Cream of The Crop from Rival Gaming.

Cream of the Crop appears in two other slots

When you first look at the images that are in Cream of the Crop you probably won't understand why a piece of clothing mightbeing displayed in a video slot with all the vegetables grow in it. But when you actually look at them on the Rival Gaming website, it makes sense since they don't display this as a tagline. Flying Colors Slot offers you to play free spins. The only image we get is asilhouette of the Cream of the Crop, which is pretty weird. This picture was taken off the image of the plant from Rival Gaming's website.

Cream of the Crop Slot

From Rival Gaming's website you have access to the above image, which makes sense since it contains the same plant, yet this image has a different silhouette. The picture on Rival Gaming's website is the above image. Rival Gaming is definitely one of the first casinos to make use of mobile devices as they already offer a huge selection of game modes. I have noticed that this picture has been shared across the gaming community, as a nice touch to the image.

Rival Gaming released Cream of the Crop on February 27th, 2014 but there have been no releases by Rival Gaming to show us these images until now.

Summary of article:

  • This comes as no surprise seeing as Cream of the Crop slots as a whole has nothing in common with the “cure” that the game is. Crusty Crunch is the core of Cream of the Crop and this unique card lets the player bring an extra copy of a card they want for one of 3, 5, or 10 credits each time (The 4th one only comes with 2 copies of a card).

    These cards are usually very easy to play and are very useful in combination with various cards, such as the “Duke of Rovagug” that lets them give a free card to a player that controls a “Loyalty”. You can even get even more creative with the “Ships “‪ in that it let a card they control + or − 1 or 2 to attack, or − 2 to move and + or − 3 or 4 to attack in an attack. Some of these cards even have other effects that can be used to create “diamond chips”.

  • While in many games the crops only represent players who made it through the first or two rounds of the bracket phase, Cream of the Crop can mean a fair amount of diversity and, once again, the players who have done this best will be able to claim their cream. As mentioned before, if players make it all the way to the top of the bracket stages then a cretin can claim their cream by claiming 4 new “Crops” in various tournament events in “VetiTeti, Crowns” and “Creams”. In this same form the cretins who do not reach the top will also be eligible for “Pursuits”. For more on each of the “Crackpot events”“ the cream are available there so it is worth looking over each event and whether you should be playing them or not.

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