Double Jackpot Slots

Double Jackpot Slots

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When you win, you will not simply win a bunch of jackpots from any of our 32 Nevada lottery slots. The only limit to your jackpot is the amount of money the Double Jackpot will make you earn on a given day. The Bobby 7s Slot Machine was created by our own Phil Fish during the same time as the new Bobby 7s slot machine. The double jackpot slots will have two or more jackpot totals on the same day.

Double Jackpot in Las Vegas is a competitive jackpot machine that works in conjunction with Silver Hand jackpot and will be available for you to play with a grand prize.

The first jackpot will be 1,000,000 total jackpot payouts and will be based on your winning total over the previous 24 hours of thejackpots. The jackpots received for the winning days may differ from night to night in the slot's bonus jackpot totals. Red Star Spangled Sevens Slots players can even have their own machines to bet on some Red White Blue chips or use on bet making machines.

Double Jackpot and Silver Hand also get a FREE download!

Note: The doublejackpots are based on the total amount of slots available at each slot. We suggest that you select the highest jackpot total you can afford.

Double Jackpot Slots

The bonusjackpots for the most of our double jackpot slots are based on your winnings on the previous day. Your bonusjackpots will make your prize payouts larger. Double Jackpot slots offer 2 free spins per day for the entire month and you will receive a bonus $25 Bonus Jackpot every month after that.

How do you play Double Jackpot Tickets? Play Double Jackpot Tickets!

There is an easy to use mobile app which allows you to redeem the best spins to win the most jackpots. Or just check out these great Single Slot Bingo games for Double Jackpot Slots that could work great. For your convenience, Double Jackpot Slots is adding 5 new game slots per day. If you haven't played Single Tickets, Double Jackpot Slots offers Double Jackpads in 5 different categories which you can enjoy on your schedule!

Giant Double Jackpot - $5 Max Bet Live Play Slot

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