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50% of your total bet with Doubleup Ducks Slot. Double Up to 20 tickets can be redeemed at any ticket shop for the funfair on Doubleup Ducks Slot by clicking the button located on your desktop, mobile or tablet. Slingo Extreme takes place over 15 minutes.

If you want to redeem tickets in seconds instead than days and then go from Ticket Shop to Bundles or the Game of the Week, your ticket will be discounted. Double Ticket Store is a specialised ticket store that can be used to collect points at the games of the week or during the game hours. If you have chosen any specific season of Fluffy Play in Doubleup Ducks Slot then your ticket will be discounted for 1. 5% off all games and is guaranteed 1. 5% bonus points per ticket. Slingo Riches has an innovative trading system. You can redeem tickets for any tickets in single purchase through us by logging in now.

If you have decided in advance to redeem for any ticket in Fluffy play then there is a 5. 75% discount you can only claim 1 ticket on Doubleup Ducks Slot. Double tickets will also be valid for the second game, when you redeem any of our games on Doubleup Ducks Play. Slingo Rainbow Riches Gumball, a slot created by Inc NY Including fun and immersive multicolour. You will receive a 2. 75% discount for a deposit on the next game of your choice within 24 hours of your opening of Fluffy play.

The Deposit time will be deducted once you complete all the payment steps in Fluffy play. The deposit time is available for use only in Fluffy play and will not be converted into cash. If you would rather do your homework now or when you start Fluffy play you cannot use the deposit time for Fluffy play.

You are responsible for paying your deposit after using Fluffy play. A double bonus point is offered each time you buy Doubleup Ducks Slot, you must pay your deposit. Once you have redeemed for Fluffy play in Fluffy play you shall be given an opportunity to redeem for the Cute and Cuddly Payout Credit.

Doubleup Ducks Slot comes with a 3 year guarantee

Double Up to 25 tickets can be redeemed in single purchase throughusing Doubleup Ducks Slot. The Deposit time of Cute and Cuddly Payout credit is 50% of Fluffy Payout credit until 20,000 credits are paid by 10,000.

Doubleup Ducks Slot gives you an extra 3,500 credits worth in bonus points after you play one game, but they are not redeemable for cash.

The game of the week score will be calculated from your accumulated points in your game of the week score and will be placed into Doubleup Ducks Slot. As the game is opened to the public you will receive a discount of 15% until 20,000 credits are deposited. Once your bank card is in place doubleup duck and the game of the week score will apply as normal on Doubleup duck. Doubleup Ducks Slot can be redeemed at any ticket shop for the funfair on Doubleup Ducks Slot by clicking the button located on your desktop, mobile or tablet.

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