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Empress Dowager Cixi is the daughter of Emperor Qing Dynasty (1700-1911) and Emperor Guangxi (1637-1715). Her husband was Liu Bei (1812-1908, leader of the Qing Empire. Vegas Casino No Deposit Bonus Las Vegas features a fully licensed casino, all-inclusive VIP Club, VIP Lounge and a wide range of dining options.

The Empress dowager Cixi video slot will help with that purpose

They later separated and Empress Dowager Cixi moved to Qingzhou Kingdom, then later back to Guandong before re-uniting with her husband. Empress Dowager Cixi (left). Slots of Vegas offers over 100 different casino games, from slots and table games to specialty games and live dealer games. Empress Dowager Cixi (left) and her family (right): They are all wearing a red silk gown. Her grandson, Emperor Jin Yu (1874-1932, later re-unified the nation.

The Empress Dowager Cixi also used these symbols to tell her story

Emperor Jin Yu was a former student of Empress Dowager Cixi. Emperor Jin Yu was a man of strong character as he was the grandson of a major figure in the Imperial Court of Qing China. The Shanghai Lights Slot allows your own choice of casino based jackpot at your venue. Emperor Jin Yu became one of the most influential personalities and leaders in Chinese history. From being just a boy Emperor Jin Yu would grow to be one of the most powerful leaders and monarchs of China.

Empress Dowager Cixi (left) and her family (right): He is wearing a purple hat and carrying a fan. They have all be wearing a fan (but in this case it is green). In the background, you may have noticed a figure that represents the emperor (you know, the one with the white beard). He also appears to be wearing a red shawl and yellow shoes.

The Empress Dowager Cixi, for which her name is called Cixi

She is carrying a green shawl (and yellow shoes). The other person in the background is a great-granddaughter of Empress Dowager Cixi who is wearing a purple shawl. What do you think of the Empress Dowager Cixi slot machine?

The Empress Dowager Cixi video slot and the Emperor's death are a great introduction to the game, as there are plenty of opportunities to make your own mind up about the Empress who would become China’s last empress.

Who do you think is the strongest ruler of China? Or maybe you think that the slot machine (probably one you have seen a few times) is the worst thing in the history of China. If that is the case, please drop me a comment. Also, don't make fun of us. We are just trying to get this out there so we can get the word out.

Other points of interest:

  • If you need any help in getting an Empress Dowager Cixi sticker, feel free to check out our tip sheet here—the original piece of "emperor's" design can be found in a new item on this site. This isn't the first time that Empress Dowager Cixi has been featured on the cover of an ad, so maybe you should check out this piece of poster-style artwork. For a whole lot more, check out the Empress Dowager Cixi poster here—we're sure it'll have plenty to share with your fellow queens.
  • We hope Empress Dowager Cixi has helped usher in an era of greater creativity in slot machines. We hope you will join us next time you are interested in building your own Empress Dowager Cixi and hope to find a match on the ladder next time!
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