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The Enchanting Enchantress is the ultimate hero character who can unleash unending power and bring about the magic in order to fulfill her destiny. If you have seen any of High 5's other fantasy/sci-fi/magic themed games such as The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game or The Card Trader, you will like the enchanting aspects of The Enchantment slot and its themed Magic element as well. The Beetle Jewels Slot Machines help for keeping money in your pocket.

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The Enchantment slot offers 2 Magic element slots + one rare element slot. The card slots also have a 3-slot bonus for using cards from the highest value slot. For those interested in purchasing cards for their characters, cards in The Enchantment slots are available for purchase, for a minimum of $1 per card. The Fire Reel Slot Machine is designed to be used against one of five dice. High 5 also made an 8 card pack, The Enchantment, which was available to be used in our online casino and was priced at 3 cards in the $1. The Enchantment slot was released worldwide as a single card, so if you want to play with your favorite heroes it will be a nice way to do so.

Free Enchantment Slots

The Enchantment slot is available to play in-store and online while the player is on the winning deck, or in the game when playing with your friends. While the Enchantment slot is a single card, you can use 1 of them in The Enchantment slot with the right card from the first slot being your best, in order to use their value, stats, rarity and card value for additional effects and effects (which were designed with you and yours in mind). How Does The Enchantment Slot Work? The Royal Unicorn Slot features a large black bar as well as a special black 'bouncer' to shake it. There are 5 Magical/Sorcery cards in The Enchantment slot, and when you play that magic/sorcery card from the first slot (which is placed on each 3- or 4-slot bonus slot, it becomes a card of your choosing from that 6 slots of the slot, or you can have no cards played. The Enchantment slot itself is created for either magic/sorcery, non-magic/non-sorcery, and any card type you choose!

The enchanting enchantress will turn your cards into special symbols for her and will offer you exclusive and powerful bonuses, like "Magic, Hero and Enchantment". In order to use a card from the Enchantment slot, you need 1 gold in your hand from your winning deck in order to play it. It is the same way you play any card.

The Enchantment Slot from H5G makes use of a 5-5-3-4-3 and 3-4-3-3 system, making access to the entire fantasy world as small as choosing between the four pieces.

The game will not give you gold just because the card does not have an active ability yet. Since magic/sorcery/non-magic/non-sorcery cards are not cards, playing a magic/sorcery/non-magic/non-sorcery or non-magic/non-sorcery card does not require you to pay extra gold for the card or even give your friend a card. If you want more details on this slot from H5G, please click on the following link. Here's a list of all the cards in the slot, when you play that card from it, the rest of the game, and how much you'll get in real money when you buy cards with gold from in-store and online casinos. Marauders - Magic, Sorcery.

This card appears as a single card in The Enchantment slot.


The Slot has a bonus feature where you can take 10,000 credits and earn an Enchantment slot and the card 'The Enchantment' by High 5 Games. The Enchantment slots, made by High 5 Games, have a RTP of 94. It's easy as 1-2-3, with no daily limit. Just take our low RTP of 94 and enjoy the thrill: your chance to get The Enchantment! The Enchantment slot features a magic/sorcery theme, a fearless sorceress character, precious jewels and dragons.

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