Hail King of Fortune

Hail King of Fortune

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Hail King of Fortune consists of five different game modes. The 5*4 game has an extra mode for extra bonus cash. Wu Lu Cai Shen can also be considered an art game but more akin to a card pooling game with resource management and resource allocation. The 4*3 game has a regular mode with a reels of bonus games as well as multiple ways to win your hand.

Hail King of Fortune is a 6*2 game with 6,048 betways

The Special game plays in its familiar mode and has 1 reel, 1 reel plus 1x2 bonus and an extra special game. This bonus game is similar to Hail King of Fortune in that only one of each character is available. The Cai Shen Ye Slot Machine has been designed in a similar way to the online game featuring 25 fixed paylines and five reels. The Special game also uses the same special rules as Hail King of Fortune although the reels are slightly higher and the number of reels higher. While a reel of 5*4 bets will net you a net jack of 25, the special mode takes an extra 4*3 bet and nets you 2 reels and the 1x2 bonus at 2,000 per round. The 4*3 game can also carry up to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd and 4th place in the reels at 10,000 per round.

In the Bonus and the Wild Multiplier mode the players can hold a reel of bonus games to win all special chances available for them to play. In a round the players are divided into two groups and earn bonus slots, each slot is worth 1bet. Prosperity Dragon Slot is worth every penny it costs you! The players can also earn bonus slots by lining-up characters, opening golden artefacts or by winning reels.

Hail King of Fortune

The Wild Multiplier Feature lets you make a total of 5*5 bets which can increase or decrease the odds of winning a game that day. It also lets you place 1,024 different types of bets. Prosperity Twin slot in 3 rows with 245 ways to win and win both ways technology to win for the game. Hail King of Fortune is the ultimate casino game where you and 7 friends can play and make money or lose your chips. You can also choose to pay cash and play in the Free games or the Multiplier of Hail King of Fortune.

Hail King Of Fortune is part of the Imperial Collection series. Check them out. Fa Cai Shen from Habanero is also a mobile game which lets you win tokens.

Final thoughts:

  • The Hail King of Fortune has been the first "true" casino of its kind ever in America. This amazing, unique and exclusive casino experience can be enjoyed in the comfort and ease of a fully serviceable indoor or outdoor casino. The Hail King of Fortune is available exclusively from Ticketmaster USA in two limited run-only promotions starting at May 31, 2017. Ticketmaster America is an online service providing complimentary game and admission ticket packages to local fans.

    Our game and ticket package services will be available in English and Chinese during the game day only.

  • The game is available on Google Play with the bonus, the free and the game has the bonus 'Game Boost'. The game is available on Android TV, PSVita, Microsoft GameCube, PC and Xbox 360 and it includes free downloadable games such as 'Hail King of Fortune' and 'Hail King of Wrath. The game is available on PS4 and Xbox One.

    The official website for Hail King of Fortune is HailKingofty.com.

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