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Pros - The classic slot machine design is very attractive. Cons - Hot Choice slot is a step back from the other fruits slot machines and lacks the signature Amatic bonus and features. The Fruit Machine is an excellent type of online casino game that can be played in several different ways. Hot Choice is a classic slot machine featuring classic fruit games in a modern way.

Players take turns pressing the reels, matching fruits to spin the wheel to make the right choice, and when they do, get rewarded with coins or items. Pros - Players can play fun games of Fruit Ninja games. Cons - The game lacks the bonus features from the Fruit Ninja games, as there are none. The Book of Aztec Slot Machine is part of the Amatic Machines catalogue, which also includes other exciting slot machines. Hot Choice is the result of Amatic's re-invention for the Hot Choice slot game.

The hot-flavored, hot-flavored Fruit Ninja games have been played for years on machines from other manufacturers, so when Amatic re-introduced Hot Choice slot, the gaming world was eagerly waiting to see how it stacked up. In fact, Amatic was so delighted with the level of quality in the Hot Choice slot machine that they sent some samples to select publications to review. Grand X Slots slots Online Play Amatic Casino and more Amatic Casino slots are the best casino slot online from Las Vegas. They included a free copy of the game in the review package. The game is very interesting though not at all impressive to the casual gamer.

Pros - The bonus systems are very cool. Cons - The only major difference with Hot Choice is that there are no bonuses that come with the game. Low Variance Slots are a combination of three slots in their name. Hot Choice is an oddball game, where the players have to match fruits to spin the reels until they start to spin up, where the fruit is "hot". Hot Choice is the result of Amatic's creation of Hot Choice slot, an oddball fruit slot machine.

The Hot choice screen is a nice way to find out when you need to get up close and personal at the right time, before getting hit by one of your other teammates or enemies.

Pros - The hot fruit feature is very cool, especially as there is no bonus in the game. Cons - The graphics are kind of lame, which is a bummer. Hot Choice (hot fruit feature/spinning wheel) is a game where the players match berries to spin the wheel to make the right choice if the ball ends the turn with a "hot" fruit. The Wild Forest Slot Machine has the same features as Tetris, Slot, and the traditional single-line video slot machine. Pros - The fruit feature is a lot of fun, as there are no bonuses in the game.

Hot Choice Video Slot - Amatic Amanet Online Casino Game

Hot Choice Video Slot - Amatic Amanet Online Casino Game

Video selected by: SF Studio

Also, when it pops up to the center of the screen, you get a free game. Cons - The gameplay is very simple, where it doesn't add to the overall game experience either. Joker Millions can also be customized if you'd like the jackpot to include a particular fruit.

Hot Choice is a very unusual fruit slot machine. The players must find a good number of berries by spinning the wheel, or else they lose their turn. Tweetybirdss are available as a package.

Players can select 3 types of fruit -- red, orange, and green -- to spin the wheel and match. They get rewards if they get berries, depending on what type they match. Some of the berries will be worth more than others.

Players will win at the end of the game if they match all three types of berries. The fruit feature is unusual for this slot machine, since we are normally familiar with the fruit bonus system in Fruit Ninja games. Pros - The gameplay is easy and fast. Players get to play a lot of fun fruit games. Cons - The graphics are a little bland.

Hot Choice is a simple and fun game and features some excellent gameplay. Hot Choice features the classicFruit Ninja games, including the fruit bonus system.

Final thoughts:

  • The price is fairly reasonable, but it lacks the special features of other classics (like rotating game colors, multiple game selections, free spins, and rotating slot machines). One positive aspect to Hot Choice is that the game is free to play. Not too sure why you would play the game if you don't want to spend money at the machine, but that is what makes it better than the other machines as the game is actually worth playing. Overall, Amatic's Hot Choice is a great video slot machine that is worth a try if you like old video slots with lots of extras.This video slot machine will be a winner with old gamers, while young ones love it.
  • If you have been following this trend, you are already familiarized with a few of the new fruit slots like Peach, Peach Pecan, and Peach Cup. Here is a short video showing Amatic's Hot Choice for all three of these major types of fruit and how each type of fruit has the potential to win over more people.
Over 550 slots and casino games on offer
Over 550 slots and casino games on offer

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