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As such, the game does not make use of any casino symbols, so it would not work out particularly well as a casino slot. With the "Honeymoon Poker" game which has the "Lunaris Slot" symbol included, the "Honeymoon Poker" slot is also quite similar to the "Lunaris Slot". Panther Moon Online is a one-man operation, developer and publisher of this online slot-gaming games software. All in all, the symbols used by these two games have no bearing on each other. And it isn't really fair to compare them to other casino slots.

Lunaris Slot Machine

However, it should be noted that when the symbols are stacked together, the "Honeymoon Poker" slot wins as it requires only two hands and the odds for the "Lunaris Slot" are lower than for regular poker. All in all, these two are much more similar to each other than a regular poker casino slot. Panther Moon Tips does not use any of the PlayTechâ„¢ plug-ins provided by Playtech. The next one is "Honeymoon Poker" and is the same as the "Lunaris Slot" in that it needs some hands and it does not use any symbols on the reel with which you get a better chance of a win with the "Lunaris Slot" game than with either of the "Honeymoon Poker" games.

It was found that the "Lunaris Slot" does not require any hands as it can be playedonly one hand, whereas the "Honeymoon Poker" game requires five hands to get a winning roll. The numbers on the reels are the same as in the "Lunaris Slot" games: 1-9-5-6-3-2. The Moon Goddess Slot Machine game has a unique and deep theme.

Final thoughts

With a $1,600,000 prize (including $80,000 in a pre-sale reward code) on offer if you can do all you can to win it then you will be on your way to getting Lunaris slot as quickly as possible. More details on the Lunaris slot in our Lunaris Poker Strategy review here. More Lunaris poker tips here.
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Home to high-quality slots & great casino games

Original and classic features on the slot machines reels such as scatter symbols, stacked wild symbols, free spins, bonus rounds plus triggers for “pick ‘em” video bonus rounds pay out awesomely.

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