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As we saw at the 2015 PlayStation Store update, if you have played a Mayan Princess slot machine you will be sure to experience this very game. In the short video we found the Mayan Princess slot machine as well as a large-scale game of the same name on the PlayStation X. High Society Slot works on a very different principle to all the other slot machines. The game also features four playable characters – the player and the controller.


  • A good first spin can bring you a quick and satisfying win or a well placed game win which may go on to add a fair share of money to your bankroll. Mayan Princess slot machine can be found in this game. Mayan Princess reels.With the first Mayan Princess slot machine from Microgaming I was pretty sure a lot of my friends would be on board. Mayan Princess slot machine.
  • Microgaming also has a number of other slot games they offer on their websites including: Vivid Games' 3 Slot Poker and 4 Slot Casino, Funko Games' 3 Slot Mini Game, and Microgaming's Mayan Mini Slot Game (you could always ask to have the Mayan Mini slot game re-released as a pinball machine). Microgaming has a big catalogue of slot games, but I recommend you check out their Amazon store for more of your favourite games!
Rewarding daily, weekly, monthly slots bonuses
Rewarding daily, weekly, monthly slots bonuses

Probably the second-most popular game in the casino after slots, blackjack involves a simple premise: Draw cards and attempt to beat the dealer’s hand by accumulating 21 points without going over.

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