Mona Lisa Jewels Slot

Mona Lisa Jewels Slot

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5 US$ cents per round. Players can place wagers in the Mona Lisa Jewels slot for as little as 0. The High Roller Casino can play 2 star card structures. 5 US$ cents per round.

Each wager costs a tiny bit of US$ while each player has to keep betting to keep it alive. The Mona Lisa Jewels slot machine pays out as follows. If a player wins 100 rounds, they get to keep the winnings of 100 additional rounds. If they win 50 rounds, they get to pick a random character.

Players can take over and place bets in the Mona Lisa Jewels slot to accumulate more bets. Every day players can get more bets. The daily bet can only be cancelled at any time if the player wishes to take over from the winning player. If a player loses more than 5 rounds on the Mona Lisa Jewels slot machine, the player will get 3 quarters.

Mona Lisa Jewels Video Slot

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Only the player who wins more bets can then go back into the Mona Lisa Jewels slot machine. Players can place bets on any of the characters as long as they follow certain rules. Mona Lisa Jewels is one of the most unique games in the world.

Even though, Mona Lisa Jewels is not considered very progressive in its philosophy, it remains popular among gamers.

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