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This allows those with more expensive jewellery to display those more expensive jewellery in their colours so a lower price would always be paid by those with it. The freebies for the 7 symbols are shown on a board that is covered with white paper in the video below, and are only offered during the promotion. The Magic Flute Slot provided by Novomatic comes intriguing just right. A little further into their promotions, one of the other promotion slots, the £5 Free Multi Supreme 81 Slot, will be given away in their special offer, so those with more money than a set price, can still keep the free offer (or get a free bonus round if they're already in the free promotion). This was also revealed at the end of the video, and it's not entirely clear what this offer means.

Multi Supreme 81 video slot will be featured in The Master Builder 2015 video games show, featuring 5 live video games of Multi Supreme 81 video slot.

Although the video does hint here and there, we donthink the $5 Multi Supreme 81 Slot is the first, or even the most expensive promotion slot as the previous examples include 7 of them, the $5 Free Multi Supreme 81 slot includes all the 8 symbols on the board, but not the $5 symbol that is for the free offer. We doubt this promotion slot will be the last either but it remains intriguing whether this new $5 Free Multi Supreme 81 slot is what will be going on at the start of Spring. All in all, Multi Supreme 81 slots were surprisingly affordable at £3. 99 including any freebie with it. If you're after the rarest of 'stamps, then we'd avoid these as they were usually only around £1. The Ghost Slider slot machine can be played with either two reels or four. 69 a set. You won't be able to have a collection of Multi Supreme 81 slots of course, we're confident these will only be available, given that the promotion is happening a month ahead of their initial release date, so expect them to be popping up at a higher price for a little bit longer.

The final slot for this review was the £5 Free Multi Supreme 81 Slot, and was the perfect addition to the Multi Supreme 72 slot. The £5 Free Multi Supreme 81 Slot offers a special gift box that doubles as a $5 voucher. Merkur Gaming offers the perfect opportunity for one of the most creative and challenging online casino gaming experiences available right now. The voucher opens in a separate screen, and allows you to put up to £5,000 worth of products on the special offer, so if you have an extra £5 in there you may want to put that extra £1. 79 on the card to pay for any of the items.

The free product vouchers are also shown on the card itself which is covered in white paper that doesn't have any special symbols which is a little odd, but it's not quite as much fun as paying £2, and getting nothing in return. We've only tried it once before, and this little 'toy' looks like a great deal once you realise how many of the products aren't even on sale, so if you can afford just £10, we'd love to see more than the random products that appear in this promotion, and we can see how many of these you might need. Here is a dedicated Temple slot enthusiast who can access thousands of titles across several variants.

Multi Supreme 81 (Multi Supreme was a trademark of Merkur)

The free Multi Supreme 81 Slot is available to download from Apple's App store, so this is the perfect way to jump in on the promotion. All you needto download it is click the button, and the free offer will appear on your device. The Double Triple Slots is simple, quick and easy to learn. What we did notice is that this doesn't activate until the promotion is actually going ahead on the day of the promotion so not the day after, but we donthink that's likely to affect the availability of them in your devices.

Overall, this promotion was quite unique, and even though it didn't offer much value, there was plenty of value to go around (we'd go as far as making a profit off a few of these).

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