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88 Fortunes offers different rules, but most of the rules for free spins can be found on the site, which is also a great way to find the best online casinos. 88 Fortunes was released on 7 December 2015. Pharaohs Fortune is truly a mobile slot game that features a deep and rich experience. Free-Sides are not yet available in a full-blown, full casino, but will soon with a partnership between the National Scratchcard Corporation and Scratchcard, an online casino in the Philippines.

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It will offer two different payroll games to players who use a card reader. The Scratchcard game is only available to people aged 18-24, but will be offered on the Scratchcard site for players between 18-24 with no further cost to the user. Wheel of Fortune Slots slot games usually fall into two basic categories to which no game dev on the planet can match.

88 Fortunes allows you to control everything, even who wins!

Scratchcard also offers similar-tier free spins that offer an extra 15% chance of winning. Scratchcard uses a new algorithm to calculate the probability of winning at each payline (see Scratchcard). Lucky 88 5 Lanterns bonus game offers a total of 18 unique spins, 7 multipliers, and 8 spin combinations, that can be played in one day. If you choose to buy 88 Fortunes from scratch you will receive a scratch card at the same value as the full casino.

Play 88 Fortunes Free Online

You must pay at least HK$7,000 (P25) to deposit (P10, and you will receive one per win if it is a multi-tiered jackpot. If you deposit HK$7,500, you will be rewarded with a scratch card worth HK$5,000 if it is a multi-tiered jackpot. Wheel of Fortune Slots isn't quite Wheel of Fortune slots on the game, but it may be a bit of a fun experience. This means that if you play 88 Fortunes at the minimum deposit it should earn close to HK$9,000 per win. If your deposit is HK$11,800 at minimum, it should earn HK$10,600 if there is a multi-tiered jackpot, and at least HK$10,500 if not. Assuming a 3% win rate and a 3% minimum bet rate. As well, your winnings will be taxed at 6% for each additional £1 you pay, regardless of the payline you play at.

This is good news because there are lots of potential losers when 88 Fortunes has multi-tiered jackpots. This means if your winnings go to low-rate players who play the jackpot on their winnings on their main bank accounts instead of their savings, more money will not go to your bank account at all. However, the new algorithm of Scratchcard means that 88 Fortunes will continue to be good to play for people who like paying money off-line. Scratchcard is offering a lot of different ways of playing, including high stakes jackpots and multi-tiered jackpots, which are more likely to take more than a month to play if you have enough money.

88 Fortunes makes a ton of gold for each player, so even in the game where you only get your team's number of slots, you can score big.

It also has free spins to give people more cash chances while playing this game, which will likely boost some of you to win big bucks before the end of the day. 88 Fortunes has also implemented a new twist on paylines, which gives players one extra slot every ten spins, or one free spin every round when you play for free.

Did you know ?

When three or more Gold Gong scatter symbols land on the reels, players will win the free spins Bonus round. 88 Fortunes awards players with 10 free games initially regardless if there are 3, 4, or 5 Gold Gong symbols on the screen at once.

The game also offers you 5 extra spins at three different paylines. There is a slight risk here, though. Scratchcard's algorithm changes the total payout to be a 10-10-10.


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  • Although no online slot is as complex as 88 Fortunes, it does provide unique gameplay features that are especially effective in slot gaming – such as a bonus spin where bets are placed more heavily when the odds are close; and a big bonus where an odds-on player wins the game with one spin every four days. The overall value of 88 Fortunes is worth £18.98. 88 Fortunes is available on the internet (online casino) for a limited time, starting from 6th January 2013.

  • You can still play free slots using 88Fortunes. If you don't have 88Fortunes you can always check out our most popular games: 3 Kings (7th in Free Slots, Double Down, Double Down Plus, and Lucky Seven. Enjoy all new 2 player games like Baoan Dao, or the new Free Slots!

Incredible Games and Amazing Jackpots!
Incredible Games and Amazing Jackpots!

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