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Double Bubble Double with a minimum of £20 deposit, wagers to make are 12p each and a deposit of £20, wager to make is £15 in case you were thinking of buying this game. Single Bubble wagers is 2p, Double Bubble wager is 10p, 1 single/3 doubles and a double/single with a max bet of £500 and also 2 of your own wagers must be placed. To play Double Bubble with a max bet of £1000 we must deposit £5,500 to do it. The Ocean Magic Slot Online features a good balance of bonus items and free spins. To play Double Bubble with a full max bet of £2500 we need a minimum deposit of £50,000 to do it.

We can accept online deposits at the Bet365 website, including cash deposits and those in the form of online credit cards including Visa and Mastercard. Please note, you only need your credit card to withdraw your deposits, it cannot be charged on the website for any balance. To make cash deposits you simply need to sign up for an account and enter what you want to deposit.

And to summarize it:

But it certainly provides you with an interesting variation on the simple double bubble double go! As we've said before, Double Bubble slots is a bit like poker: it provides the player with a few different ways to play the game and it's no wonder that it's one of the best ways to find the perfect games to play against some of the best poker players in terms of experience, bankroll, and player skill.
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Discover the latest Welcome Bonuses & Promotions!

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