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Sahara Queen Slot Machine

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In 1995, the world's first casino at the time, the Sahara-Kafranbel, was built for the first time for less than one million euro ($1. 5mn; £1. 6mn). Genesis Casino belongs to the thinking when it comes to improving slots. And now the casino has expanded to 25,000 beds, and to a more exotic location: the desert of Oman's capital city of Muscat. Sahara Queen was conceived when Morocco played host to the G20 summit in 2001.

Sahara Queen is a 4/4 game with 50 bets

The Gulf state wanted to keep the gaming industry from becoming another casualty of the oil boom that brought oil-fueled jobs and prosperity to Europe. A few years later when the G20 turned its attention to the Gulf nation, Sahara's gaming company, SAK Games, was looking for a new location. The Queen of Riches features the Megaway Game Engine with it's unique animation techniques and a high-polygon graphics engine. The decision soon led to the building of the first of what would have been the nationslot machines.

The Sahara Queen is also not to be confused with the Sahara Casino, a 6*4 game with 2,500 betweys in Cairo-based Muntaba. The "Sahara Queen" was the first video slot ever invented. Unlike the slot machines being played today, the slot players in the original version had to wait and see a woman sitting down at a table to fill their own chips before starting their game. At 6,500 pence each, it is said that the video slot in Sahara Queen is the most expensive in the world, but one which has only sold 4.6 million units worldwide, according to the site SAK Games.

The company has since expanded to an estimated 25,000 of the games -including a 7*6, an 8*4, and a 12*4 - with the addition of a series of new features. The Seven of Spades is a seven-slot video slot with 3200 to 10,000 pence (20 to 40 percent increase) bets each! With its unique design, the game offers a unique experience when the player is dealing with a player with a full complement of money.

Final thoughts:

  • If you have any questions please leave them below and I will try to answer them in short order. In addition to the bonus spins we are pleased to announce a free spin on every full reels, 10 reels, and 2 reels. A new twist to the game is available with the release of the 3-D edition Sahara Queen - this new spin will include the ability to spin the reel at two different speeds for increased fun and increased prize money. The game itself is completely updated, including the addition of a new scoring system, a much improved scoring system and new bonus spins for a large variety of spin options.All of which make Sahara Queen the most entertaining $100 Games of the past four years.
  • This feature does not require you to make any additional bets or payouts on the slot in question, but you will still benefit by having the opportunity to play these slots on their own and win a couple of dollars for doing so. The Sahara Queen is a classic jackpot slot that can hold up to 600-700 coins worth. All the scatters will be generated just by spinning the reels of each of the two slots for which there are three or more entries. For additional details on these jackpots, make sure to check out all of our Genesis player previews and how to play these exciting slots.For a fun and informative preview of how the jackpots work and how easy it is to play them, check out these free preview of all the Genesis casino slots that we feature on our blog, The Slot Guru.
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