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Secrets of Christmas

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To put it simply, Secrets of Christmas is a fantastic card game with some great features that make it the perfect gift for those who love candy and Christmas candy! It also comes packaged in some amazing art print and has been a favorite Christmas product since its introduction. Mystic Secrets has very good audio, personality and energy shining through. This card game was an instant hit amongst kids and now NetEnt have been busy expanding and expanding their niche.

Sidgwick had never heard of Secrets of Christmas, but was excited to check out the card game's concept, gameplay, art, and game play, and it's no surprise that Sidgwickson got into it! So many games had been developed by the two and they immediately began work on Secret of Christmas. Sidgwick knew he wanted to bring the Secret of Christmas to North America, and this game was just the means to achieve his goal. Secrets of Atlantis may contain no gambling rules, but you can bet for your own personal enjoyment and pleasure. By combining the wonderful world of traditional Christmas cards - like those from the old and new editions, plus the amazing design of two-player games, and creating a deck of cards for use in a 3 player game - Secret of Christmas was born.

With the launch of the Christmas game in March 2014, Sidgwick was able to develop an amazing game while continuing the release of the previous Christmas Game. Thanks to many wonderful reviews and players asking for cards that matched the new style, Sidgwick was able to continue and promote the game with the help of the community that he had received for the launch of the Holiday game. From the moment the game was released, it was obvious NetEnt were serious about pushing this game all the way to the market. The Christmas Tales Slot Machine is the first online gaming roleplaying game to allow players to build 2 or more characters. Even now, when it comes to sales and marketing, things are no exception.

In fact, when the Secret of Christmas went free to be tested, the sales went through the roof. Since then, the game has been successful beyond that of anything NetEnt could have imagined when the game was launched, and continues to stay strong at over 100% sales and even with some of the best reviews NetEnt has ever had the opportunity to write. The Merry Christmas Slot is available for free for just £4.99. The great thing is that Secrets of Christmas can be played many different ways, with many different game mechanics and many different cards, making it easy to see which way fans are looking for. When you play the game, it feels like Christmas is already here and there are gifts waiting for you, it's all about the little details and that's why we wanted to share what secrets of Christmas look like right now!

There's no doubt that Secrets of Christmas is a very different game to what NetEnt has produced before or since, but even if it's not to everyone's tastes, you can still experience it for the game or gift it to a loved one! The good thing is that all these are just hints! The Amazing Alchemist Slot has a pretty short learning mechanism so it's better for both you and your players. When Secret of Christmas goes free to be tested, your friends and loved ones will find out as much as you do just what kind of Christmas comes with Christmas cards!

There are a lot of good games to play for kids and their parents that can use your skills on a simple 3-Player game, while some kids will want to play some more challenging games like a deck based of cards, and then some might want to play something more difficult or some maybe want to see if they can make a simple Christmas board game. Sidgwick and the Secret of Christmas and NetEnt are teaming up now to bring a Christmas version to an even tighter selection of stores, and if you're going to grab Secret of Christmas, why not let NetEnt know how your parents want a Christmas themed Christmas card game for Christmas? We all have different tastes and ideas, all of us have families we love to play games with, and you certainly have some suggestions as well!


Dennis Schramble, creator (the original title, Michael Tuckler, Brian Smith (aka The Master of the Rope in St. John's Church, and Chris Gaskin, creators of a couple other classic Christmas themed games. If you want to play Secrets of Christmas in any game, then check out Game of the Week, or just drop by and let me know what you think!

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