Soccer Safari Slot

Soccer Safari Slot

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The second one is a ball symbol, which is an amazing one. In the Soccer Safari slot game, when you are scoring a goal and receive a free goal from your opponent, your opponent will become an extra player (this does not work if the bonus ball was discarded prior to earning the goal). Safari Spin Slot is a hybrid of a 3d slot game and a slot & card game.

Soccer Safari Slot

This bonus feature allows you to score goals in the soccer sandpit, to score from the wild side, and score from the corner flag in which you were awarded the free goal. If you scored a goal while losing your chance (and this happens in the normal game as well, you will lose your chance to be awarded the goal. However, in the Soccer Safari slot game, even if you score a goal that was not on your side of the pitch, that score will be lost. Even with that bonus feature, it is still worth playing the Soccer Safari slot game!

Note: It also works for 2 players with the bonus game mode playing.

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