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To understand the differences between the various television series on the Big 4 TV network - these shows include: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – 2009's reboot franchise. One of these Transformers games, Transformers: Battle Tactics, has become a classic on the Japanese video game market. Texas Tea slot machine with 1:18 flip The Texas Tea slot machine feature comes with a free and 1:18 flip. Transformers: Battle Tactics and its spinoff, Transformers: Battle Tactics: Revenge of the Fallen, were the first to employ Transformers vehicles, a concept most of the series has been following for years.

Two Transformers games in the slot machine series are available, the first being Transformers: Battle and the second and third being Transformers: Tactics. Both are arcade versions that use real metal coins, and both also introduce new cars to the world. The Jumping Beans Slot is really easy to get to grips with. Some players, even players who are familiar with the earlier Transformers games, find both Transformers: Battle and its spinoff easier to learn because they only use real metal coins rather than plastic coins which some games will use on occasion. What's new: In the US and Canada the Transformers slot machine has been brought up in the last 10 years.

Since that time there have been several attempts at building Transformers games on top of that, including, for example, the Transformers: Universe theme park video games. With these, slot machines were brought back in the form of arcade games where one player can compete against an AI bot opponent. The Aristocrat Superman Slot Machine will be made available on September 15.

What's up next? Although most games on the TV series are not part of the new wave of Transformers slots, there will still be an ongoing trend of new slot games for these games. The Speed Heroes Slot for each type of hero are displayed right next to each other and at the top of the screen. More slots could be available for these games in early 2016, when our next update will focus on slot machines within their respective series. Transformers (and other) slot games could become available this year, however it is unlikely we will see new Transformers games in 2016/2017 given the fact they currently have no chance of being released to the UK.

Also, don't forget that the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen slot machine will include all of the games previously released within the series! All of the vehicles listed below are included on this new game, as well as some that have been removed from existing slots in different ways and/or are new in the current update, as well as some that only appear in certain slots that have already been updated. Vehicles listed below, though in order. The Red Cliffs video slot is also open for more than one other game at any given time. They can also be seen in the table below.


The Transformers slot machine is a brand new technology that needs to be rethought and the process should not be repeated. We'll be posting more information for the upcoming months as soon as we can. The Transformers slot machine is now available in both Australian and Canadian versions as well as the US, UK and China (see the Transformers Website, and the following link for all Australia and Canada slots with the IGT slot machine, etc) If you want to play the original arcade games with us, take a look at our Australian version.

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Online casino gaming: Experience the excitement

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