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There's an unlimited rewind, infinite play and it doesn't matter if you're just beginning your love for slot parodies and the like. There's also a lot more in store if you go for it, because of that you won't need to worry about how you'll spend 200,000 credits just sitting there for no real reason at all. The Legendary Rome Slot is a no-frills operation.

True Illusions Slot is available for iOS, Android and Windows

When we set aside the fact our True Illusions slot doesntake up anything in the slot machine budget, it has a much wider appeal, which is why people have been jumping for joy. The slot is even available through the iTunes store. Street Magic Slot is in a nice and dark place from start to finish. True Illusions slot is a fantastic little spin on classic slot games and is absolutely worth a look! The True Illusions slot is different.

The True Illusions Slot is available on both Apple iOS and Android devices, and comes with a full-screen iPad dock, but is only available as a beta version.

Not only is it a clever, fast-paced, funny and addictive 3D cartoon slot game, but the creators of the game even have a few secret easter eggs for you to find. That's right, if you want to experience the thrill, wonder, and excitement with this new spin on slot parodies, check out my favourite slot game yet, True Illusions! This game is addictive, fun, and has been built by such amazing creators as Michael O'Neill, Nick Purdon, Richard Hall and David Schofield. The Legend of the Nile adds the new "Pay-3-Win" (pay-3-win 2 players, pay-2-win 1 player) mode. In fact, True Illusions slot is a must play for slots gamers from $4. 99.

True Illusions Slot Machine

If you're considering slot parodies, pick a slot on a PC or a mobile with True Illusions to keep you on your toes and not worry about all the money you've spent. I'd say True Illusions slot is probably one of those games you can't resist and will definitely put you on your list of things to try, especially if your favourite games are free to play. P.S We've all seen the fun we're going to have playing this slot game in the future, so give it a testdrive in the video below; don't forget to rate our True Illusions slot game and leave us a comment here so we can include yours.

If you're like me and enjoy the fact we get paid to say things like this, please give True Illusions slot a try in our slot game discussion forum, if you like what you see we'll keep improving the slot game with more tricks and tricks to be played in, while you get a little bonus credit. Check the store for new game launches, as they may be worth a look, just make sure to try them out at your very own discretion first. Happy playing! UPDATE 21/08/2015 6.15am The following review contains a sample of our True Illusions slot version. All of the content contained within will also be used within our review.


Each tick marks a new time of a spin and a corresponding bonus reward has been assigned based on the spin rate. The spins and bonuses are assigned by clicking on the icon and the number of tick marks is proportional to how many spins came up during the spin/bonus award. Tick rate from BetSoft slot - the bonus is 5 spins. Spin rate from BetSoft slot - the bonus is 5 spins. Spin rate from BetSoft slot - the bonus is 2 spins.
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