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It features the classic Panda logo and also presents wacky themes. Wacky Panda slots online casino games offer a unique game with numerous different options to play the games of Wacky Panda online casino. It is also a very popular online casino games with high number of players around the world. Firecrackers Slot Machine is available from 7th to 25th January. It is recommended that the visitors to Wacky Panda slot machines games is to download and play the Wacky Panda machine games.

Wacky Panda slots are a hit amongst fans of mobile gameindia

To play the games of Wacky Panda online slot games, players have to visit our webpage: Wacky Panda online slot games to explore different games and different features of the machines. Wacky Panda online slot games offered a maximum reward of 1000 coins for only thesymbols. Wacky Panda Online Casino bonus system includes 500 coins for each player win. When a player finishes the entire slot operation, he receives 500 coins.

If any one of the players gets a big win, he will get 500 coins with which he can play the Wacky Panda online slot games in his own place.

Additional thoughts:

  • When you choose the Wacky Panda slot from the main menu of the slot machine, your browser will show an image of a small yellow cat wearing an outfit consisting of the wacky Panda logo, red cap and green cap, wacky Panda hat, red earring and wacky Panda shoes with wacky Panda logo sticker on the top. It is very easy to recognize some of the Wacky Panda symbols inside the game, for example: wacky rabbit (a big yellow cat wearing wacky Panda outfit, rabbit claw (a red cap wearing some red beanie, wacky bear (a bear with wacky Panda hat, wacky chicken tail (a rabbit, wearing some yellow beanie) and wacky dolphin with wacky dolphin on the tail, and so on. The symbols are printed on an inner ring box by our friendly factory, and the game board itself is the best one in all of the slots available online. So, your playing in Wacky Panda slot might make the new year, a very interesting one!We also provide you a link to download all the Wacky Panda logos, if you want to view your favorites now.
  • While the bonus doesn’t really payoff for us to go a tad crazy, it may be a good opportunity to watch some adorable pandas as they make a sweet and delicious mess of the deck of cards. Or maybe you’re more of the Disney and Pixar sort of person and just want to watch the cuties get eaten alive at a random time of the day as well. So give this free Wacky Panda slot machine a try and take a closer look at this fun new feature here at Walt Disney World Resort and we can't be happier!
  • Wacky Panda Slot allows a winner to receive a free card every single day until March 28th when the slot machine will have its grand finale. Wacky Panda Slot has released a mobile version for iPhone in the US.
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