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If you want something modern, but don't want to invest in a full game of Zeus II (and the slot machine itself, a 3 by 3 reel slots game such as Kingmaker will provide you with a much better experience. Also, Zeus II is a slot machine with a very wide spread that is not very easy to guess. 3 Slot games are offered by online gambling websites and will cost you about GBP 0.8 to one GBP. In comparison to the game from earlier this year, Zeus II is still one of those games you find if you know it.

When making a comparison of some 3-player slots games, Zeus II might not be a suitable one, but if you want something with many lines as we previously mentioned and decent rewards, then the Kingmaker games should surely be your choice. The slot machine genre is known for playing on peoplesubconscious thoughts, as well as for being a good mix of luck and skill, which is reflected on the game's theme. For this reason, Zeus II should also appeal to those players who like to use an intuitive game controller rather than playing through the slot machine game.

Zeus II will come out in the US on 23 March 2016 and in the UK on 18 March 2016.

Additional thoughts:

  • Zeus II will have your fingers crossed for great luck and for the biggest reels as they are a huge challenge to complete. The main reason for Zeus II and the two casino slot games are because it uses reels of 1 or 2 reels with all the paylines in them.

    There are no extra reels in these games, you simply play from scratch with 5 or 6 coins. I'm also going to mention that if you are playing in the US or a Western Europe you will not get a refund from WMS because they use a payline based system. This is the biggest problem about the reels in this game, you really cannot see what you have in your hand and you have to pay a lot of times.

  • A great experience. In the same game of Zeus II, the super-tough and quick player on reels can pick the best of the bunch in many different ways. One player can pick one of the other slots, or one can just pick one, or pick any other slot. You choose your favorite in order to find the best of the bunch.

    It is worth noting that there is also an "X" in the name of Zeus or Arahia, which was a variation of that in the classic series.

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