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Golden Goddess slot machine games are available for both Apple iOS and Android devices. The game has 40 pay lines and 5 reels, the Golden Goddess slot is free both online and in –app release from the casino. The Glory of Olympus Game is yet another pub slot game with magic-themed music and plenty of high wins to be had.

The Golden Goddess slot machines are set up at the casino for players to play it at their leisure, but it is very easy to get used to the unique way a game has been played.

According to the website, The Golden Goddess slot machine game pays out 10% and has no limit. I am a regular play slot game player and I loved playing this type of game at other casinos such as the Vue Casino in South East London. Golden Goddess is based off of Golden God Online. I always liked the feel of the games, they are very addictive and you will never beat this game in terms of pay-outs. My experience with the Golden Goddess slot game is that I was able to receive a good number of pay-outs and thus could easily top over £20,000 from the slot machine game. I was lucky with just a couple of pay-outs and received the maximum possible win in the game.

The game was designed so that players can enjoy long pay-outs at the first payout. This type of games are fun and if you like these, then this is the type of game for you. I am not a big fan of casino games online from the casino so I only got to play in app version from Golden Goddess slots online from my mobile phone.

Golden Goddess has a fairly simple payout of five million coins

I will definitely recommend this slot machine game to my friends and family and they should also try this Golden Goddess slot game for free online for either iOS or Android in the upcoming months. Have you tried the first installment of the Golden Goddess slot for free online casinos? If you got a good chance of getting a big pay-out then please share your experience by commenting below.


After all, the game's name ‒ Golden Goddess and 'Goddess Slot Machines in Video Mode' ‒ would suggest that you're playing as Ares – one of the most well-dressed gods of Greek mythology, a role-playing hero-who-can‒ get you lucky‒ without ever needing to spend extra dollars on additional slots. The free versions of Golden Goddess (a second game of the Gold Slot 'Play for Free' option available via Virtual Poker Card) are designed simply for online casinos and are fully compliant to the gambling regulation and standards set by the French Gambling Commission in France, so it is entirely legal for you to gamble with them in France in good faith’ just be aware, of course, of the legal consequences in that country for not having a casino licence.
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