Geisha Story Slot

Geisha Story Slot

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Play Geisha Story Slot machine has been released on June 6, 2015, the first free slot game of the new year! We would like to tell you a bit of some details regarding Geisha Story slot machine. If you are familiar with any of the popular slots games, you will know that Geisha Story slot contains a real time interactive bonus scene with a new and unique game mechanic every time you play it. The Slots Romance game requires players to spend 500,000 yen, so don't hesitate to click here for even more tips on playing. Geisha Story slot is free.

The Geisha Story slot machine has two types of symbols, which are marked by a star in front of each symbol which also has a corresponding number inside the middle of each symbol.

If you win the bonus slot you can unlock one of the following game modes: 1. 3D slot game: you can use your finger to get the gold coins hidden in the 3rd row of tiles from the center, then use them to win the slot table and keep your gold coins, your time will be added to the time you spent collecting gold coins at the beginning of each turn. 2. The Beauty Slot Slot lets you play the whole game over and over, with a variety of different themes for different players. 3D coin lottery: you win a 3D coin lottery game to fill a 3D slot and win the bonus slot, keep your goldcoins on hand until you win the ticket. 3. 2D coin lottery game: you win two coins (the size of the coins you have can change each time you win it, as well you can earn more coins by winning more 2D slot games) using the slot machine and keep your gold coins on hand until you win the ticket so you can keep them for later use.

Geisha Story Slot

Geisha Story slot machines give out free gold coins once you pay for the game mode. As you can see, the game is a real time bonus scene and you get to use a finger to get coins. The game is really challenging but not impossible to win. Asian Slots are used by many different ethnic groups to make winning Korean games. There are different bonus scenes, which are really hard to get if you are not really skilled.

Even if you use your brain by studying some of the bonuses and using the hints, it is still hard to win. We are currently working on a patch of the game so please bear with us and give us your valuable suggestions, we are listening and we will be changing the content of the game, which will make some of it easier for you and we will be adding features for your game such as the bonus scenes. As always, we want to thank the people who have played Geisha Story slot game and also thank the people who have given us some feedback and given us an idea as to what to change in the next version, which we will be implementing. Also a big thank you to those who are downloading this game and giving us the support.

Final thoughts:

  • All the other 3D Geisha Story slots machines also have these bonus stages included within their game packs and many will also include a bonus game or two to play with the bonus stages included in their pack. The Geisha Story slot machine is a must have for every Geisha Fan out there that also loves to play video lottery slots.

  • Go ahead and try Geisha Story for real by putting your stakes, choosing your bet and watching the reels spin in their favour. Geisha Story slot can be played at all our leading Microgaming online casinos. 120 coins apply your maximum bet of 300 credits where one coin per line (15 credits per line)in given the slot game. The minimum bet you can place within this three coin or online 3-reel standard slot machine is $0.75 with a maximum of 1,000 credits.

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