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If you like to play slot machines then you are guaranteed to like this one. The Wild Beats slot machine from Playtech is a very simple, yet highly addictive slot machine. Playtech make sure their Internet slot machines are super slick and have cool themes. Its beat, play, sound are all very catchy.

Wild Beats Slot Machine

As for the music it employs? Well there’s nothing exceptional about it, but it does make up for it with a great theme song. Playtech Wild Beats slot machine with 25 paylines. At a glance, playtech Wild Beats is a 5 slot machine with a 25-payline game.

The only major difference from a standard slot is that this one does not feature the 'bump' button that lets you quickly add the number or number of dollars you want. This slot machine is the winner of our 'Best New Slot' award from GameFAQS.com and should be a crowd pleaser for its beatboxer appeal. The Wild Beats slot machine from Playtech is an absolutely original game that combines the unique and fun of slot machines with some hip hop and urban flair. You can find Wild Beats on their web site or via the Windows Phone store.

Additional information:

  • This slot is designed for beginners to those who have no previous experience with the Wild Beats system. You can buy and get as many free Wild Beats slots as you want here at albania-bonusesfinder. a and it doesn't matter where you live so long as you're in Canada. You can choose whether or not to participate in this reward or to buy more Wild Beats slots to try out. Remember to check out my article about how to build a business with the Wild Beats system here, there are plenty of tips and tricks to learn, as well as other free Wild beats slots.

    Good luck and play your Wild Beats slots free today!

  • This Wild Beats slot game is only available on the iOS App store. You can play it on Playtech which costs you less than £0.10 ($0.03) and it works on iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices. There are many other games out there and a few that offer a couple coins as bonus play, but if you play those free-to-play slots, you wouldn't get that kind of value out of this one.

    The bonus game offered is an old one that has been around for years. As a bonus, you can also join a free group on Twitter where all the other bonus players can find each other!

  • Buy Wild Beats from Amazon here. Or take the $24 Wild Beats to the App Store and use Wild Beats to keep up with the gaming events happening this week.

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For all the best games visit this casino site

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