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As for how to play the Ji Xiang Long slot game, just like every other slot game in Skywind Group, they make it fairly easy as you can just pull the lever to select your desired betting zone, which usually results in a small bonus on their slot which is always well worth the investment. Skywind Group slots have always been popular, but I am always happy to get a free premium tier slot for my Skywind Group, as I rarely find myself needing to buy more expensive Skywind Group memberships to play other slots. The Da Lan Deluxe Slot cards come in two different colors with each type of dolphin showing a different effect. In terms of the slots themselves it is an easy to use game to play and I have found that, whilst it can take ages to actually get the zone you want to play in, if you have some time and are willing to keep checking your account and trying out different zones, you will find yourself finding a slot for which you are happy.

The Ji Xiang Long slot is the basic slot you will find on the 4 reel X2 video slot, with a small amount of extra play options from the more advanced players as well.

While Skywind Group slot games are often played with the same basic cards as the others, the Ji Xiang Long slot is different and is something I have chosen not to use my favourite slot games to pick out a player in with. This is because in the Ji Xiang Long slot you will never know on the spot whether or not your favourite player is going to choose a good one or another rubbish one, but you can choose who you'd rather have play their favourite play and if it's them, you can choose to keep them, or swap them in with someone else. Super Lion is based on Super Lion video, I will explain this better later and then cover it in a bit.

Ji Xiang Long Slot

There is a bonus to having a player that has made it to the pinnacle of the sport of slot machines which is that the prize for winning a slot increases every year. In case you didn't know, there are prizes for top notch players as well as people with higher scorers though, as is the case for the Ji Xiang Long slot, and the bonuses you get are usually something you would not even think to try and earn if you were playing regular slots like they are. In fact the Ji Xiang Long slot is a popular group slot which has a high level of play and rewards, so it isn't something that many people choose to spend time on, and that certainly makes it a more interesting slot game to play. The 5 Lionss will be the only ones where a jackpot is awarded when a jackpot is given to a random winner. Of course, the first thing that you will notice at the start of this slot, is it has a large handicap, which will not be too much of a concern for most of you, this is because there are no handicaps on any Skywind Group slots though.

As we can see in the image below the first number in the name stands for the lowest score you will ever make, which will be 5 – and as such a winner in Skywind Group may start a game by simply having a total score of 1. If you don't win any points at the beginning of the game, although you should have a respectable score at some point, it won't help you to keep winning points in the long run for as you are unlikely to have any decent prizes from your games. The 5 Dragons Slot Machine may also be played at brick-and-mortar casinos. So if you do win 5 points and the handicap increases to 2, your score will increase automatically by 15 points as opposed to 4, which means that you get the bonus of the handicap bonus for your next game, as you have already won 5 points, so any further bonuses will be applied just to add on to the point you already have.

This obviously will help you keep on making your move onto a very good player too if you have made it up to the top and the handicap has not fallen in the course of playing a game so far.

Additional points:

  • Keep in mind that you will be able to take advantage of the Skywind Group range of slot games too to add to your local gaming budgets, but also we will now also let you know just what types of bonuses and awards you will trigger when playing the Ji Xiang Long slot. There will always only be one slot machine that does boast the totally multi-stake type jackpots, and Playtech has over credited the slot for those types of slots which are much like the one on offer in the Las Vegas Strip minus the great playing and potentially very high variance range the Ji Xiang Long slot game has. Plus it comes with a huge playing structure that has been designed to offer plenty of ways of winning, so do give it plenty of play time. Whilst there are currently no player decisions to make when you play the bonus game awarding Dragon’s Awakening which is a brand new type of slot then a fun to play slot game to make sure you do get stuck into playing it, even when the slot does appear a you will always find the long term expected payout percentage a high, or rather those variance low is very high.

    Below you will find an overview of the features that Playtech have attached to this slot.

  • There you have it Skywind Group has produced one of the best slots game slots we have seen so far today, the Skywind Group Ji Xiang Long slot. This slot looks to be a classic slot that will certainly get some thumbs up from many players, even though it is a little difficult to see in the pictures you could really see this slot had to be put away as it would be too hard to pick it up later, I am sure some players will love playing this slot on Skywind Group as a lot of slots games on this site are on Skywind Group!

Get a slots bonus with your first casino deposit
Get a slots bonus with your first casino deposit

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