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Guns N' Roses Online Slot

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Guns N Roses Slot has a wide open view and the option to select whether or not you wish to enter the multi wheel. This feature is so fun because you can watch the spins and it gets you up to the next bonus wheels and the bonus wheels get you even better than the actual slots. Starburst Games edition, available here, let’s take a closer look on its features. The second main feature of Guns N Roses Slot is it's multi wheel, which has a selection of cars you can play against to try to win more coins and more cars. The final feature of the slot is a free spins game, which can give you instant cash prizes with cash being given out to whoever wins the best spins.

When you’re given the option to enter Multipliers and Multi-Rollers, this also allows you to try and out-race your friends to see which you score the best on. Finally, there is always the option to enter the bonus wheel, which can give your coins even more cash prizes and even more cars. NetEnt has been recognized by the media as a "gaming" format for years. But this will only last for 2 weeks, at which point you must re-enter the slots to change your cars.

What else is in there? Guns N Roses Slot has an extensive range of features, and some of the extras dontake very long to add and add them faster. The Butterfly Slot Machines gave the prospect of 3 to 5 reels and connected paylines. As mentioned before, there is a multi-rolling feature, and with multiple versions you can get yourself a custom look for each round. This, in the end, can give you more coins than the slot itself.

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Play Guns n Roses Slot Gratis | RTP: 96.98% | NetEnt™

Guns N' Roses Video Slots™ is a truly legendary video slot brought to you in affiliation with Bravado International Group. The game features a jaw-droppingly awesome Guns N' Roses™ soundtrack, with 5 epic hits for players to choose from. This slot really rocks!

There's also Bonus Wheels. So if you don’t want to see what slot is currently available, or want more coins, you can use the Bonus Wheels feature to get the best deal. Game Motorhead costs 99 cents, and is one of the few slots games to include a coin toss in the game. Guns N Roses Slot comes equipped with a cool looking wheel, which is perfect for anyone with a bit of a passion for cars. When you’ve bought the Slot, please be aware you need to ensure you have a connection with the internet for the game to work and play.

This is very important, as it means that if you don’t have a connection, all you get is a random spin. I hope you enjoy the Guns N Roses Slot! Guns N Roses Slot has arrived on GREEPS and it did exactly what the description said it would do, so much so that it exceeded my expectations! After hearing so much about this, I went ahead and bought it on GREEPS on all my Playstation 4 titles, and it was a steal!

I went to bed with a smile on my face, wanting to go back to bed! If you're a big fan of GREEPS, you’ll love the Guns N Roses Slot as well! I look forward to hearing more about this slot on GREEPS and I’ll continue posting about my experience with this slot as time goes by. Thanks for reading, and I wish you a happy slot day!


Featuring classic NOLA music, a rock song by Guns N Roses, an exclusive remix, and an autographed picture with NOLA Guns leader John Mellencamp. If you were a fan of Pink Floyd or even a couple, you would love Guns N Roses Slot for your first time, as it is loaded with extras like special bonus song, a special intro, aFREEstyles game and free spins. If you want to try Guns N Roses Slot or any other slot or event in the future, you will need a ticket as it is sold out as of publication, but if you want to go and try and win one, I would highly suggest booking your ticket early because you won't regret it! The slots go on sale January 1st at midnight Pacific and will last until September 1st at midnight. Please visit the Guns N Roses Site, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and share with others any of your thoughts and comments about the slot you may have entered and be sure to check out our post to learn more about what we are up to next!

Welcome bonus offers mean lots more playing
Welcome bonus offers mean lots more playing

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