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But if your idea of the perfect racing game might be the one with a very unique racing mechanic, then it's definitely not for you. Or, you may find that even though it is pretty good, it might not be as interesting as some of the others. Invaders from the Planet Moolah? But we have covered all of that in other reviews on this page’ So, let's take another look at the Planet of the Apes Slot RTP. So what is that Planet of the Apes Slot?

It was developed as a promotional item for the game. That's right, some people, like us, will be happy about that, but some people, like NetEnt, won't. Netent, in fact, decided to make it the only promotional item in the game, so that every time you buy a single one, you can take you out of the game at any point. The Netent Slot version of the "Tomb Raider" series (released on September 18, 1987) was named the Best NetEnt game of the year. Even if you want to buy all six, the Planet of the Apes slot is still a great use of money. In fact, NetEnt also made sure to put this item under the game's 'Freezes' flag.

The first thing you do should be to buy the promo code that includes the Planet of the Apes slot. To do that, head to the menu at the beginning of the game, where ‘Trial of Champions’ was. Bust the Bank comes with the third weapon at your disposal in every mode. In the "The Trial of Champions" menu that's already there, click‚ you can get the Planet of the Apes slot.

Planet of the Apes Slot

So, if you want to buy it then go ahead and do that, because it's not that important. But be careful, since this planet has some cool features already. Plenty of Slots is an online slot game where players win money by playing the 'poker' game called 'Slotmania'. We like Planet of the Apes and wanted to see all of them in one spot.

So, in the list that comes up, click it once before you add anything to it, because now we're going ahead and doing our usual thing. Now, in other words, the Planet of the Apes slot was designed to help you feel better about using the extra slots in this game. Casino War Excalibur game features one Wild symbol with an image of the legendary sword and two Golden Wild symbols with images of the same. However, NetEnt apparently chose the wrong path when it came to making the Planet of the Apes slot. When they decided to launch this slot on October 1, 2015, they released a free "Season Pass" for that time, which you can get.

The Planet of the Apes RTP is offered for 80 points in total with players who wish to win a total of 3000x earning 24000 points and the players who wish to win a maximum of 5600x earning 48000 points.

However, if you want to have full access to the game, for that one spot (and you should, you need to buy the Game+ Season Pass. Now, this particular Season Pass costs ¥7,500 plus a special coupon for using the slot. The 20 Super Hot was a very popular slot machine in the 1980s. There are many others that cost much more.

Planet of the Apes Slot

However, if you really want to take Planet of the Apes out of your pocket, what you really need to do is purchase a free Planet of the Apes Slot Season Pass. When Planet of the Apes launched in 2011, some people might have been confused.

It was an amazing addition to NetEnt's online racing game and it was very popular, but still didn't have any of the features that would make it worth paying over ¥80,000 for. However, over the past few years, Planet of the Apes has grown and has become an awesome addition to the NetEnt racing game, so many people are curious about what is going to change. Since 2011, a bunch of changes have been made to this slot system.

The Planet of the Apes Slot Lottery Ticket has come a long way from where it was then. Now the Lottery Ticket is much better and more accessible than it was when it launched.


  • The Planet of the Apes Slot RTP is a clever twist on the classic theme of the games, taking place in a vast marine environment that spans more than 90 square kilometers. With plenty of great gameplay to work with like a real pirate ship you´ll not get bored looking for fun stuff but instead find good things there. The game was definitely enjoyable, though if you had an average budget of $100 you might not have even heard of it. Overall, we had 5 of our 10 favourite Planet of the Apes Slot RTP games for this review.

    So if you have the chance to take the Planet of the Apes Slot RTP home with you or a friend there, we hope you'll take it easy with us here at Kotaku here at Gamasutra if you´re like us.

  • In fact, we think this would be the first time an app like your first app will ever have a chance with such huge a large library of games like the Planet of the Apes. What is your opinion on the Planet of the Apes Slot RTP? And if you will, how did it go from the '99today’?

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Over 400 slots & casino games to choose from

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