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To help you spin the wheel, the slot machine has a variety of symbols like: The Imperial Dragon sign, A Buddha statue, The Imperial Dragon symbol, Buddha statue, Chinese characters (Ding Dong-style symbol, and many other popular Chinese symbols for gambling games. Also, the Chinese language sign on the wheel, Shou Chiao, has two meanings. One of the most famous Chinese symbols for gambling games are the sign "Shou Chiao" which represents the "Wheel of Fortune". Rainbow Riches Slots is a slot that we think any player should try out. In the world, Chinese people are very famous for wheel of fortune games.

Imperial Dragon Slot has massive bet choices too

In addition to Chinese wheel of fortune games, this system has another meaning. In Chinese wheel of fortune games, one can play any wheel of fortune game that has a special symbol on it by spinning the wheel for 20 times. Rainbow Riches Slot Games are usually available for a low £5. This wheel is known as the "Wheel of Success".

The Imperial Dragon slot is just a bonus slot

Also, in the Wheel of Fortune games, one can play any wheel of fortune game that has an imperial dragon symbol on it by going "Dragon" twice. Also, you can play any wheel of fortune game with one of the following symbols: Chinese symbols, Japanese or Korean symbols, Latin symbols. Imperial Riches is a 5-reel slot with 15 paylines and the option to play with 30 yet more lines. How to Play Imperial Dragon slot machine?

The online Imperial Dragon slot machine has a 4-reels of a game. You can spin the wheel for 4 times while playing the game. The winning ticket is a wheel symbol with different Chinese symbols like A, B, G, A, D, W, etc. Also the game can be played with "A-C" wheel and "B-D" wheel. So, you could choose the correct wheel for the game by rotating the wheel once.

The Imperial Dragon slots with 7 reels has been around a while now and comes with a very nice discount that you can start with!

The online Imperial Dragon slot machine also has a number of symbols like The Chinese Imperial Dragon sign, Three Chinese dragons of the imperial symbol and 5 other symbols like Dragon, temple, dragon symbol, tiger symbols, and etc. The Chinese emperor was a kind character - A dragon symbol that represents The Chinese imperial symbol. How to Win Imperial Dragon slot machine?

The game offers 100,000,000 coins for each wheel. You need a lot of coins to win a big payout. However, there is a way to make the machine more lucrative using this system. The Japanese player has a lot of cards to collect.

Imperial dragon slots has a classic and oriental theme

At the same time, the Korean player still has the old-fashioned Japanese style "game card" to collect. As both players have a lot of Japanese style cards, it is better for both players to take their time to collect the Japanese style "game card" first before taking their time to collect the Korean cards. After you have accumulated enough cards, you can start your collection.

You can start the "Collection" at any time by pressing the button on the controller as in the online Imperial Dragon slot machine. After collecting enough Japanese and Korean style cards, you can start the "Collection" and take your time to collect the other kind of Japanese and Korean style "game cards".


  • For the full list of the best Imperial Dragon slot achievements see " Achievements " section. Please read this and this before playing in these slots.

    If you haven't heard yet, Imperial Dragon was first awarded on July 5, 2015 with a reward of 300 Gold for each win or a 300 Gold bonus for every second win. There are currently 17 unique achievements to play in. As the Imperial Dragon offers, the best way to collect the gold and free spins is to first win with it using a slot machine.

  • The Imperial Dragons will provide your customers with one of the best video poker games on the market. It has 5 reels to compete with and every player is guaranteed a full table experience.

    You are also guaranteed a great experience with every game with you playing against your real life friends. You can play on the Asian casinos or on the European casinos. The Imperial Dragon slots is a full service casino with multiple ways to play and a variety of bonus games that will surely be the reason of everyone making their cash roll this weekend.

The fun never stops when you’re casino gaming
The fun never stops when you’re casino gaming

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