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After you make a bet of $20 on a card, this jackpot wheel will light up with the most impressive Joker Strike rewards; the $80 Joker Strike slot to be exact (that's why there is a $20 bonus for that one)! This new Joker Strike slot feature at Quickspin can be great for your big bet! Joker Pro Slot machine is the biggest and the best jackpot of all slot machines. It's easy to see which of these $80 Joker Strike rewards you should be picking up with your extra cash.

This Joker Strike slot can also be a great way to bet with other online casinos if you have the money to lose and want to get paid. But for the most part, you won't need this feature if you have low and steady losses. The Star Joker Slot on PC comes with a free version for Windows and Mac. After your win, the jackpot slot will now turn purple.

This Jackpot Slot's outer wheel will also become bright blue, but the topmost symbol on its outer wheel is a bit darker. If you place this Joker Strike Slot into a low and steady loss situation, you can easily find a winning result of $80, but you won't enjoy it as much as you enjoyed the Joker Strike Slot itself! The Joker Jack Slot will be a game that you need to be a partaking in.

Here's an example of what this new Joker Strike slot could've looked like. Note that you won't see the red and orange symbols on this jackpot wheel. It still gives you all of the awesome Joker Strike rewards; we think we can say that the $80 Joker Strike slot is very enjoyable, but it will only get you $60, since you have to be in a low and steady loss if you want these rewards. Mystery Joker offers no-nonsense bonus action but, for a regular slot machine, this is a no-brainer you want to avoid. You can see that the overall effect in your bonus is that it's almost half of the jackpot amount.

If you win $80 then the top symbol of the jackpot is all over the place, so instead you would get a $60, or more. While this is very nice in theory, it is difficult to know what you'll get out of a $80 Joker Strike slot after you lose the jackpot amount. Vegas Joker Slot Machine is a unique and well-made machine. But if this is your only loss, you can go ahead and invest as much as you like – this feature is very appealing if you want to maximize your rewards.

After you made your final move, the Joker Strike will turn into a $100. This $100 Joker Strike Slot is all about getting the highest payout that you can find – the highest payoff from the high roller spins. This Joker Strike is super sweet! Xmas Joker Slot can get a bit crowded on this site, but you may enjoy all the fun and excitement that Christmas presents brings. $100 gets you 10,000 Joker Strike Tokens. When you see the $80 Joker Strike, you would expect to lose it – but you don't; just keep betting until the lowest payout is reached.

There's nothing better than having an instant victory and earning massive amounts of Joker Strike rewards; for the most part, we can't give this feature 5 stars since most of our readers won't even be able to afford an immediate payout with the $20 bonus. That being said, this new high roller spins have been the key to earning the high roller spins that I'm talking about here at Quickspin. There are other reasons why this Jackpot is one of the best in poker, but the $100 Joker Strike is the highest payoff from high roller spins out there.

This jackpot is just a little too strong for our taste, but we understand that many poker players don't like the high roller spins for a few reasons: The high roller spins can be hard to get off. One of the more popular Jackpot Features that can make people switch to high roller spins is the high roller multiplier. This jackpot multiplier allows you to bet with more or less than your maximum money.


So, if you have never played a Joker on any other game, you can feel free to check it out on the Quickspin gallery for one of the greatest video slots of all time. It’s worth checking out as well. In addition to the high-paying feature, Joker Strike lets you get bonuses, and you'll get bonuses in real-time. In Joker Strike, you get a special chance to play as one of the characters in the Joker Strike game.

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