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You can have both of these and the same fun with it. A bit less simplistic and a bit better is Just Jewels 2, which is another classic slot machine that you'll be getting for Christmas. Just Jewels 2 plays like a simpler version and a little bit faster. Jewel Strike Slot Player and Wombat Mode options, such as the new World and Multi-game modes listed above, have been removed. Although there are more coins to collect, more importantly they will keep you occupied the whole way through the game.

Just Jewels is available today via the Internet

You never know how much there will be down the line. Just Jewels 2 comes with a couple of minor fixes that make it a little bit easier to understand. The first one is the added "Gold" coins on the bottom of the screen. The Bananas Go Bahamas slot game from Novomatic is available for download from your Windows, Mac and Linux PC or MAC. The other thing to be aware of is the way that the gold is displayed on the screen and how it's laid out.

Just Jewels is a fairly low profile and if you're looking for something more expensive and interesting in the form of a powerful or obscure addition to the Magic landscape, then this is the game for you.

As time goes by it's also becoming harder and harder to see gold on the screen. This should have been fixed at the outset for Just Jewels 2, but it seems to be an option again for this slot machine in 2013 now that the release date has been set to January 25, 2013. The Crown Casino Gaming Machines is really exciting to use as a bonus in some great games. On the other hand Just Jewels 3 is another well-received slot machine that has become almost synonymous among slot machine gamers for 2013 as if it was released this year.

Just Jewels Deluxe Video Slot from Novomatic

Just Jewels Deluxe Video Slot from Novomatic

Video selected by: SF Studio

Just Jewels 3 looks and plays like the original Just Jewels 2 as you'd expect from the designers over at Kool Aid Games. The second thing that's changing from Just Jewels 2, and maybe the very reason why Just Jewels is finally being released this year for Christmas is the introduction of the new game mode in Just Jewels 3. That's right, the mode is called "Play with Friends" and it takes place as a regular game of Just Jewels between your pals and your friends of friends. Spring Queen Slot Machines are created and played by Novomatic developers. In Play with Friends, you're not playing with someone to play with, but with a friend in a group.

As a bonus, all those buddies will be on at the same game, so they all get to continue playing. The mode is very similar to the game mode in the original Just Jewels, where you take turns to draw cards to make it easier to play. Gaminator is the company`s world leader in online casino.

Just Jewels Online

But this time it's your friends that will be at the table with you instead of just your friends who are playing with you. So, instead of Just Jewels 3 being just a basic mode of playing it takes the genre and moves it into another level of difficulty because you now have 3 types of friends to go out with along with 1 group and 2 opponents! 40 Shining Jewels is a very nice quality slot game, you'll do great when you play it. So what's your reaction when you hear just how complex this is? The idea of all that is very addictive and interesting.

You have the options of keeping the original Just Jewels for just an extra $1 or trying something else. You also get a $5 Gold and $5 Silver bonus on top of that. Cool Jewels also has many fun new features that you can customize.

A fun feature that's on the inside is the addition of the new "Gold" coins that give you a more visual look at the Gold value in the coin when they pop out of your hand. It also takes the original game mode, but throws it a little harder since instead of drawing your cards, you will be drawing them with your friends that want to play together as well. The Beetle Jewels Slot is a great place for people who are just starting out with computer gaming! All in all Just Jewels 3 is going to be interesting and very exciting when it launches in 2013. At this point just I want to say that I'm not going to be a fan of this game at all.

The developers over at Kool Aid Games have gone too far in this game and now we know why as they are planning a sequel that will almost certainly be the worst ever made slot machine to make a comeback after just a handful of slots.

Final thoughts:

  • For the first few moments, Just Jewels will ask you to "set some values" on your coin slot cards and it'll automatically choose your selected coins based upon what it sees during the initial setup process. The main features of Just Jewels are simple but intuitive and a pleasant surprise since at the very first time, I felt that I was in an old-fashioned slot machine! If you have a bit of play time on your fingers, a good selection of gems and even some patience to work the game, Just Jewels is definitely a nice addition for the user community.

    Even for those who don't know about slot machines or simply enjoy a good old-fashioned machine, Just Jewels is a wonderful addition.

  • The buttons do not appear to have been professionally designed for maximum convenience but you can adjust them to your liking - including the possibility of changing the display to "Lifetime Bonus" mode or you can also disable the "Show Bet" option, which is used by Las Vegas style slot machines. Just Jewels is free in its current version, although the developer says they will allow for in-app purchases later.

    In a recent blog post, the developer also announced plans to add a multi-currency option to Just Jewels. Just Jewels is a free game for iOS 6 devices. You can visit the iOS game store for the latest updates, or you can play the game via the Website by downloading the app on your device.

  • At that time, I was hooked on the game right away and was completely hooked on it even after it was released. When I saw Just Jewels in the store, I wasn't a fan of the game so I opted out of that release. When it was released for Windows, I noticed that not much was changed and that the game was basically the same. With the release of Just Jewels 2: I've Seen the Light (2008) (now renamed Just Jewels 3, the game's visuals were improved while the game mechanics have gone through a minor update but now just like I said in the previous paragraph, the game still plays like its predecessor.

    I wouldn't say that the graphics change too much, as you can see from the screenshots below.

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