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However due to increasing attention to slot machines from mainstream players, Mazooma Interactive Games decided to take an open approach to selling the games they produced. In 1999, before even seeing them as niche games, Mazooma Interactive Games partnered with the leading online casino company, BlackJack. Pyramid of the Sun Slot UK has an RTP of 94.16%.

They then set a firm target to increase their monthly revenue by around 15% and began marketing the games to casual players. In 2002, the company bought the rights to Blackjack, after which they began introducing their online games to casual operators. The Rise of Anubis Slot Machine also adds other great advantages to this brand new game. In 2004, a year after buying the rights to Blackjack, Mazooma Interactive Games began to advertise their games on the online gambling site Mitzy.

At the time, BlackJack was selling over $300,000 online per year – more than the estimated turnover of over $200,000 in the UK during the same period. BlackJack had over 50,000 registered users, making it one of the largest online gaming sites. As time went on, they developed a significant reputation over these online sites by providing players with a unique and interesting play experience and consistently attracting a large number of casual users (at times upwards of 15,000 users each night). The Diamond Slots had red dots on the back. The growth of their customer base has given Mazooma Interactive Games the ability to quickly develop and update existing games.

Rumble in the Jungle Slot - Mazooma and Novomatic Casino

Rumble in the Jungle Slot - Mazooma and Novomatic Casino

Video selected by: SF Studio

Today, BlackJack is now selling over 1 million daily users from over 65 countries worldwide, including South Korea, South Africa and the USA. The company offers a diverse range of games, including slots, coins and chips, and they also create custom games for each individual operator. Lucky Lady's Charm Slot Machine does offer Casino Bets. In November the company released a video game based on the game-playing theme BlackJack: Casino Tycoon that will be published by Games Workshop this year. The game is still in design stage and is currently under development.

The Mazooma games are free to play, however, to progress you need to become a licensed gambler which is free of charge at any place in the UK.

Mizy is more of an ecommerce site than a slot machine company and as such the Mazooma brand would be unlikely to attract much money from e-commerce based slots because of it's lower price point and the fact that it is a standalone product. Mazooma Interactive Games still maintains a strong presence at Mitzy and have developed a robust online network of slots operators that are very knowledgeable about their games. The Barcrest website can be found here. Mazooma Interactive Games has a strong marketing base of their own online, offline and mobile games, and these players form the base of the future Mazooma Interactive Games, providing the player with better services, greater flexibility and competitive pricing. At the moment, Mazooma Interactive Games still has three major players in their network serving around 45 million gamers worldwide, making them the largest developer of slot game content.

The new, mobile market for Mazooma Interactive Games is booming, with their latest game, the latest addition to the world-renowned brand of games, Tasty, going on sale today at the end of this month, priced at £1.99 and shipping for £39.99. Mizy is available at all major retailers including the latest, new, most popular, and best-looking retailers across the UK!

In 1993, when gaming was still relatively new, the internet exploded with more than 70 million websites online. As the internet revolution grew rapidly, the need for more websites that offered gamers the same level of content with no delay increased.


  • During the previous 10 days, the minimum bet was 300,000 chips and the maximum winner was 50,000 chips and 10 prizes. If you win 50,000 chips, you win 50,000 coins. Each Mazooma game has its own rules, which govern how many coins to bet and how much you can win once every 3 days.Mazooma Interactive Games of Nottingham and Leeds use the popular online casino game Casino Roulette on their site.
  • As with many online casinos, Mazooma's website is simple and intuitive. The entire website is designed with gamers in mind, so the gaming options are limited.However, players will find that most of the main game categories are easy and accessible, with their own unique twists. This site has been brought to you in part by the users of Mazooma and other online casinos. Mazooma Interactive Games is not affiliated with any of the casinos mentioned above.
  • The casino gamblers have a unique experience and will pay no extra cost by winning. To find out more about playing Mazooma games click here, this link, or check out their site here. Mazooma Interactive games and casino games can be ordered via the links that follow, or if you are not aware of them there are also many other online casino games for sale online.
Play over 600 casino games!
Play over 600 casino games!

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