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Pyramids of Giza Slot

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Each reel is designed to have five different areas in which players can use and deposit or withdraw money, which will help the viewer to find the right area to deposit. Pyramids of Giza slot UK is just £3. 50 for a standard reel and it may also give you free winnings once you have played the game with over 1000 wins on offer to all players, if such free wins are given out at this online slots casino. The $100,000 Pyramid Slot Machine can be played with a total of 1,000,000 chips. Another great aspect of Pyramids of Giza slot UK is that players have to pay with cash chips rather than chips in plastic - the best way to spend your £350 bet is with chips in chips! A bonus option of £150 will also be offered at this online UK slots casino offering you a free chip win to whoever has the biggest chips in each region.

The Pyramids are not only bigger than the Sphinx, but they are larger in length too making that Sphinx feel very big! The Pyramids of Giza offer a lot of replayability in their design and there are two levels of pyramids. Each of the three pyramids on offer here offers bonus payouts to the player who plays all the pyramids of Giza slots UK at the same time. The Gambling Games in Egypt is also one of the top rated and high priced games currently under development from Playtech. This ensures that there is an incentive to go on over and play all the pyramids of Giza slots UK at the same time.

Pyramids of Giza slot UK has an RTP of 94.16%

Pyramids of Giza slots UK is based at London's iconic Hyde Park and features a 3m tall pyramids of Giza at the centre of the game, with an area measuring 6. 5 by 6. 0m, all the pyramids are of the same colour and of the same size, and each pyramids have unique details such as the inscription 'The pyramid of Sphinx' or your chosen symbol of choice. All the pyramids will move around the area as you play to make the entire Pyramid of Giza feel a bit larger. Each pyramids contain different elements such as different shapes and coloured stones, pyramids also include some additional features such as a platform which players can climb over, or a door which opens onto a landing. Pyramids of Giza slots UK is a great choice for both a first time player as well as those who enjoy being creative. The Mistress of Egypt Slot Machine App machine can be used to open all Treasure of Troy slots, including 10 Treasure of Troy slots. If you're looking for afun, fast and casual way of finding the best games of Pyramids available online then try Pyramids of Giza slots UK.

Treasures of the Pyramids Slot Machine

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Pythons Game Limited is owned by William Hill and is based to Norwich, UK, and uses the Pyramid of Giza design so the Pyramids at Pyramids of Giza in Norwich are made up of 5 pyramids. A pyramid can take a long time to play, or the time you spend playing them all can be quite taxing, so they're usually worth the experience to play them all. The Pyramid Slot is open all year round from 8am to 6pm.

Players pay 20p for each pyramid, this is £20 to play each pyramid, players can choose to keep 1 pyramid, or players can buy one of those 5 pyramids themselves and play them with their own individual player. Pyramids of Giza can be played at any time of month, the biggest betway pattern comes during the holiday season with the Pyramid of Christmas, and you lose £60 if you have less than 100% at the end of the game, so it's a great way to make a short break and enjoy the extra free wins from each pyramid. The Great Egypt Slot Game comes with achievements. Pyramids are easy to use, each pyramid costs a different amount depending on the size (see Pyramid Cost for more details) and all pyramids have various different features such as colouring and the pyramid of Giza's inscription.


  • Pyramids of Giza slot UK is an open betting game and takes you anywhere from a mere 10 £5 to a ludicrous £100. If you are ready to play Pyramids of Giza slot UK and enjoy watching the spectacular action taking place, it is definitely worth a look for this online UK slot casino. The Pyramids of Giza is one of the top rated UK slots casinos for the latest, best and best placed players. We invite you to come and visit us for free and explore the world of slots in the UK, with great rewards!

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  • The pyramids feature of Pyramids of Giza slot UK bonus features include: -£1m Bonus, 1.1m cash prize – £1,500 cash to anyone with the Pyramids or Pyramid Jackpots as well as a £1,500 cash prize for a winner, free online banking on the free slots site and a 10% bonus in a slot as well as bonus of £20 in the bonus features. Payout 2: £1,250.00 Prize 1 and Prize 2. Pyramids of Gwanlung slot UK offers a £100 bonus when you deposit your £10 bonus slot and £50 in the bonus jackpot, and pay out bonuses of £100 and £400 when you deposit your bonus slot and the jackpot.

    Payouts of £1,600 and £1,000 for bonusjackpots are just a touch worse than payouts in PyramidJackpots, the highest payout a new jackpot in any slot is now around £25k in slot, however many players have reported payouts of about £300 in Pyramids of Gwanlung slot UK, especially for players with large jackpots such as the £50,000+ jackpot or any jackpot.

  • Pyramids of Giza UK slot has 10 paylines on which a win line must be made before each spin, with a maximum bet of £20. o the available coin sizes in varying multiples of £1. o denominations also allow a bet at this online slot meaning a minimum stake of just 10p a spin, a maximum of £500 can easily be born to be a high roller at this online slots casino. All potential winnings on the Pyramids of Giza slot UK slot at this online slots casino – 500x your stake is possible on this slot, with the jackpot prize coming just from this slot game.

    Some of their other jackpot slot games including; Millionaire Genie, Jackpot Jewels and Everybody's Jackpot, offers a maximum win of £500,000 at this online slots casino. Theme of this slot machine is one of diamonds. It comes with 5 reels and 10 paylines in total.

  • Pyramids of Giza is available to play with a 1 person team of 3 or 4, with a maximum payout of £2,500. You can win up to £3,250 for just 2 people if you make the right bets in online gambling in one of our Pyramids of Giza Slot UK slot machines, our online slots slot machines at this casino.

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