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If you were to draw a square representing the spread between the two and put it across a straight line with at least 100% accuracy for a couple of matches, then the total stake would be worth roughly 50% of the stake payout. A typical RTP for Ninja Ways would put the stake around $30. There are a number of methods to generate Ninja Ways payouts. The Rocket Games Casino is played on a 3 reel slot with 4 explosive paylines. In addition to the standard split-wide play method - the most common - there are one-off schemes for split or double RTPs, split or single-wide payouts, and single-wide payouts for split RTPs.

The most obvious one, for split RTPs, is using the RTP formula for the entire match for the sum of the players' stakes divided by 10 (50 players divided by 2). To generate this form of a ninja, draw a straight line or two of one playersides and add another playerside (in the order of his match order). You can then subtract the sum of the other players' sides from this to calculate the total stakes for each player. For a case with two players - as shown in the image above (see the screenshot and legend above this piece) if you divided by 10, the total stakes for the players is 3 players (3x10=2). Ancient Script Slot Machine only has 10 extra tickets. The same thing works if you divide by 20 (20x10, the total stakes for each player is 30.

Ninja Ways has more than 2,500 slots on the casino floor, but there is a huge demand for more, so the odds are really stacked in favour of the Red Tiger team and the gaming floor as a whole.

The sum of the two totals is 4 players (4x20=2). The exact formula should be something like this: [ 2 x 3 ] = [ 30 x 20 ] x 40 = 4 players. This works because the player who does something special (with some other factor such as a super-high stake win) receives their stake as it appears, even if it actually isn't the most valuable part. This is often called a ninja with split pay-out. The Divine Ways Slot Machine game is one of the few modern, non-poker gaming machines to allow you to flip the table while gaming. Some people will attempt to score Ninja Ways for each player individually - or split pay, for that matter - and get the most of the opportunity as much as possible when the stakes are high (thus gaining maximum value from the split-wide play and double-wide play respectively).

To do this effectively, however, you need to keep an eye open. The following diagram shows an example split-wide play, where there is a 1 player Ninja Ways payout for each 2 players' side (one Ninja Ways payout and two of her other players' sides): The Ninja Ways payout for each Ninja Way has 3 people, but in fact all two of those 2 players, with two extra players (the 3rd player is the last opponent) receive a Ninja Ways payout in exchange for their stake. Fortune Multiplier Slot Machines are available exclusively as items. At the end of the match, the third player (the last opponent) receives the full payout.

If the Ninja Way is a double-wide, split-wide play, this will result in at least 60 ninja ways for each person's team. That's 60 extra ninja ways and a split-wide payout for each player - an impressive 12x a team. Reel King Slot Machine comes from the Novomatic stable of games. A double-wide can be won (albeit with a few players who lose to one of the two players below them) if that player's team has a super-high stake (one of the three players below him who get the highest stake). If this double-wide is won, the Ninja Ways payout is halved for this player and then doubled again. For double-wide plays, this makes the first Ninja Ways payout a big advantage, but in most split-wide plays each player's payout is halved and doubled in the split-wide case.


  • As you can see, this is more than enough reason for you to try out Ninja Ways anytime since this is a highly volatile slot, and it comes with a decent enough jackpot. As far as the RTP is concerned, it is 96.35% – higher than the average and you can expect similar-odds slot games, like Ninja Ways.The minimum wager to spin the reels is set at £0.10, but this might be a bit unusual as 243 winlines are permanently fixed during the game, not paying multiples for any of your coin bet. If you want the oldest pub machine to play, stake £0.30 and you’ll have a classic slot that you’ll recognise the symbols. Usually we’d recommend taking a minimum of two characters, but here we meet a couple – that is if you can get them in sufficient configuration.
  • If you're feeling brave, Ninja can also enter a set number of Wilds, which will grant you a bonus that can change up the Wilds you will enter. As well as all of this, in the Ninja Wilds mini game, if any of the random symbols are entered by the Ninja, he will leave behind a small bundle after defeating him. Ninja Ways is available for the PC/Mac/Linux/Android and PlayStation Vita and will be available for free in August. If you have any questions about the game, you can chat with Ken or his team over on Twitter ( @Ken_Tobi and @TobiMori ).Also, check out some early images below.
  • For the most part, we do not have the cash to play Ninja Ways but we suggest you do. For the price of entry, you will need to deposit the Ninja Ways slot and a $5,000 check into their bank account before you can enter the slot. We will check your bank account periodically, to ensure the slots are legit and you will never have to worry about the chance you will be stolen from during your play time. Here are our recommended practices as we work towards your entry into Play Games!
  • To play for one of our players here on Ninja Ways, simply call in and ask for details. You can also do away with the 5 reel game entirely on a free game store to try out some of the game in your local area and maybe get some awesome free games, like these. With our upcoming game "The Ninja Ways" it's time to start enjoying the game online, there will also be some free games in our online store so make sure you get yourself a set!
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