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Age of the Gods: Rulers of Olympus is a fun game about the rivalry between Horus (the God of Olympus) and Rhea (the Goddess of the Earth). Horus is the ruler of the Earth, an earthly embodiment of the gods. Rhea is the Goddess of Olympus, whose power resides within the waters of the Underworld. The Flame of Olympus Slot Machine Onlines game has a good selection of the best spins of the year. Horus and Rhea have known each other for many years, and in the game you have the chance for Horus and Rhea to meet.

During their meeting, you will need to determine who is stronger and more dangerous. Each ruler of Olympus has two powers: his strength and his speed. The Olympus Glory Slot Machine Game is yet another pub slot game with magic-themed music and plenty of high wins to be had.

You'll have a chance to be both and make a choice that will directly affect your fate. To win you will need to win in the first part of the game (a race). You will need to collect the five most points on their corresponding reel. The Mount Olympus Games are an attractive opportunity for your company and the fans to help a little girl. Each of your lives adds to your score.

The more points you earn, the higher you go in the score table. At the end of the race you can choose whether to use the three special abilities of each ruler or to use the abilities of your friends. Age of the Gods: Apollo Power would be a nice slot to play, especially if you liketheme. Ruler of Olympus The Pharaoh (Horus) has the ability of healing and is always the victor of a race. When Horus is in action, heal the Pharaoh as long as you are within a certain distance of him.

In return, you receive healing from your friends. Prophecy On the day of the race, if your race leader is injured (taken damage, your leader will need to move in front of you and pass by. Age of the Gods: Mighty Midas (in English) has been translated into six languages. If, before the race starts, your ruler becomes injured, you and your leaders will need to move in front of each other and pass by each other until they are both healed in time. Ruler of Olympus The Lord (Ra) has the ability of healing the Pharaoh as long as Ra is within a certain distance of him. This action can be performed during the race.

If, before the race starts, Ra is injured, you and Ra will have to move in front of each other and pass by each other until no one needs to move. Ra should do this because the Lord moves behind him during his turn. He is also the most powerful king of the Pharaoh and when he is hurt, eals as soon as his life is reduced to zero. Ruler of Olympus The Kingship (Rulers of Olympus) is the most powerful king on the planet and every one of your lives add an extra +10 points to the score table, allowing it to win against other kings. If you are a King, you can take up some of the titles of the King of Olympus and are known as Ruler of Olympus. In addition, you may receive gifts or special privileges that can improve the life of the Pharaoh of the Nile, The Great of the Underworld, or even the greatest king of all.

When you are alive, however, the Pharaoh may only choose from the titles you offer him. Ruler of Olympus The Ruler of the Underworld (Rulers of Olympus) controls all of your lives and is the most powerful king on the planet. Each life is worth +5 points and each life gained gives you extra +10 points. The Pharaoh of the Underworld can take any of the titles offered to him and it is the greatest of the Pharaohs that can take up these titles.

You'll discover that the Pharaoh might be willing to take on a title the Pharaoh of the Underworld is unwilling to take up, such as, a title that gives access to the secret of the Underworld.

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