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The name of the slots is pronounced as "Ginny" which translates to Lucky in French. The number of pieces for each of them, the payline per line, the max bet and the betting limit are all written in French; the name of the game is "Super Lucky Reels". Scatter slots is more fun, more interesting and more fun to play. The maximum wager per line in Super Lucky Reels is $5000.

Super Lucky Reels slot has a cash-only play

Players lose their winnings during losing rounds, so a player who has placed a winning bet can keep his winnings. The number of lines per day in the Super Lucky Reels slot is 4 per slot hour, a player can play it once an hour. Super Lucky Reels Slot features $30 off the jackpot at Super Lucky Reels slot. The maximum of wagers per line can be set as much as he wants.

A player can win money in the Super Lucky Reels slot every time he has an extra reel. Solve the game and you can win the $2500 bonus! My Konami Slots Codes isandroid mobile game that makes its players earn cash and cash rewards by playing slots.

Super Lucky Reels slot will be available at all the Super Lucky Reels shops (except Super Lucky Reels stores in Shanghai) on November 9th, 2014.

The main attraction for Super Lucky Reels slot is that it allows a single player to have lots of money at no risk due to the money spread over multiple lines. So, if you are not very strong and very bad at slot games, you can still have an entertaining experience even for a good player!

Super Lucky Reels slot was given away at the 5-minute mark

Super Lucky Reels slot is located on Bantuan Avenue in Balabac Capital City. There is a restaurant and a few bars, but the best one to gamble in is a Super Lucky Reels slot.

So, for that reason and more, come in here! In "Super Lucky Reels" there is one line that can be chosen for a game but only one of the lines per day, so the Poke line is always 1. On the same day, players may choose to buy one or two lines at $1000 each, but for a player to win Super Lucky games he must buy one line every day! So, Super Lucky Reels slot has a game that allows a gambler to win big but he, too, needs to pay a lot for this!

Other points of interest:

  • This gives a player 2,000 real money in this slot and he'll earn a whopping 1200. He can't lose but his real bet is doubled. This is the main attraction of this Super Lucky Reels slot.

    The slot offers huge profit and makes a quick money game. In case you are looking for cash prizes and real-money, the Super Lucky slot will make it more challenging but offers decent return if possible.

  • Lucky: Collect at most 9 coins in one roll and win the progressive jackpot at $12,000. Gold: Get 10 coins as jackpot winner and the +1000 symbol on reel 1, and 100x multiplier on reel 2. For a full description about that Super Lucky Reels slot game, we would recommend you to check out the Slot Machine Tutorial video, which can be found at

Today’s Special: A new offer each day, every day!
Today’s Special: A new offer each day, every day!

Original and classic features on the slot machines reels such as scatter symbols, stacked wild symbols, free spins, bonus rounds plus triggers for “pick ‘em” video bonus rounds pay out awesomely.

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