The Chase Slot Machine

The Chase Slot Machine

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When is the Wild Chase in 2016? Who has released it? The Chase Slingo Slot card gets 2 free spins on the first play of The Chase Bingo. Here you can check out our The Wild Chase slot overview for all the details you need to know about the Wild Chase. For those of you who love to gamble as a side project, we would like to introduce you to 2 other popular casino games, the Jackpot.

The Wild Chase is a 5* thrill, with 4,096 ways to win; the layout has animated characters, a classic feel, plus some modern graphics and a tight interface that works with all devices to make this slot interesting.

To get in on the Jackpot craze, simply add a few dollars to a casino with jackpot, get more than you spent before and you will win the jackpot! With the release of this new casino slot game, the number of existing slot machines is dwindling; hence, we have decided to bring this one on-line with all the details you need to know about Wild Chase. The Wild Chase slot has been thoroughly reviewed from a user's point of view. The Grand slot game also gives you another chance to play the expanding wilds bonus. In addition to the many new features and the Wild Chase's excellent gameplay, it has been refined to ensure it works with any current or previous casino slot machine. Why play Wild Chase?

The Wild Chase slot was one of the first popular casino slots released last year with the addition of cash on hand feature. What makes Wild Chase so compelling is that you and your friends can play to jackpot. Quickspin, however, has lots and much more available for its users than just a few games. By simply adding several hundred dollars to the casino with jackpot, you will be rewarded with the prize money of the highest winning. We had an incredible success with Wild Chase's gameplay and now with each new release, its popularity quickly increases.

The Chase Slot Machine

Although we would like to present more information about Wild Chase's gameplay in future, keep in mind that the number of existing slots on-line is dwindling and the Wild Chase is on a fast track to becoming popular. With that in mind – it's time we updated each page on this awesome slot game, so keep your eyes peeled with The Wild Chase at its upcoming launch. Note - Wild Chase allows you to create two slots on-line. Dragon Chase features a revolutionary progressive jack and auto video switching. Each slot allows two different outcomes and you can even create a unique one for each of the characters in your games.

That means there are up to six people on-line for each game, meaning each slot in-between two others are available in Wild Chase. So let's have a closer look at just what this exciting new slot machine has in store for us – the Wild Chase. Joker Strike Feature: The Joker Strike slot has a nice round wheel, and the red color of the pin highlights it. Wild Chase is a new casino slot machine released by Quickspin in April 2016.

The Wild Chase slots from Quickspin are among those games which will provide you with a highly entertaining and at the same time rewarding experience which can be enjoyed even on the go.

The Wild Chase slot from Quickspin is among those games which will provide you with a highly entertaining and at the same time rewarding experience which can be enjoyed even on the go.

Additional information:

  • The Wild Chase Video Slot offers 50 unique paylines, a wide array of different features and high levels of speed and polish. In order to make its slot worth your time, you must select a slot that offers the most exciting gameplay and the most variety of paylines. The Wild Chase is no exception, offering a variety of beautiful girls and a high-quality game play that will allow you to get all of your money back in a single stroke. If you have had a chance to try out The Wild Chase, share your experience and your thoughts on the slot with us in the comments below!

  • Now, with it now added to The Wild Chase, Quickspin seems to be going big by adding more value through paylines to their other features as well. To begin with, The Wild Chase also now has five unique paylines that each have an increased multiplier and a special option to take off your helmet as seen in the picture above. Quickspin clearly knows that we need more of these paylines, and they are adding more of them in a way that is much more rewarding than they have been so far. I have not yet been able to test The Wild Chase with my car yet, but this is definitely a worthwhile addition to any racing enthusiast's collection.

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