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TheTiki Lounge slot will be installed in May of 2015 along with the other three Tiki Lounge slots in the Melbourne Tiki Lounge area. This will add more variety to the Melbourne Tiki Lounge entertainment experience. We will be posting a live stream video every day throughout the installation process as well as a few live gameplay video on our Facebook page. The Summer Holiday logo is the Wild symbol. Please note: This is a very high risk operation we have undertaken to install this new Tiki Lounge slot machine in the form of a Tiki lounge and as such all safety protocols such as hand loads and safety glassing are in place to protect your personal, professional and life itself.

We have the full backing of Tiki Lounge to do what we have done as we have a strong belief and pride in Tiki Lounge and it's products that we should be proud of and that it should be allowed to continue and flourish in this current age of the digital age. We are now offering rewards for our great backers that have pledged over $100. Snowmania Slot Machine is a fairly popular virtual slot, especially since the online slots have been very popular. Any reward that you are willing to pledge and pledge for a slot machine at the Tiki Lounge slot machine for free will receive a free prize for you! You do not need to have pledged for a Tiki Lounge slot machine to be eligible to receive the reward or the Tiki Lounge name.

Tiki Lounge Slot

There will be multiple rewards for each Tiki Lounge slot machine, please see the tiers provided in the right hand column of this page. We will be sending the final video on the Tiki Lounge installation on Youtube and then on Facebook and other social media as well as our live stream video on any of our Facebook, Youtube or Twitch pages during the time of the Tiki Lounge installation. Summertime Online slot casino is open 24/7 online for free and with virtual casino.

We can expect the slot machine(s) to be online around July and the installation to take around 9 weeks. We have decided to do this because the slot machines are not available in stores or stores that are directly connected to the Tiki Lounge and all the other operators and they would like that slot machine system fixed to get the next generation of these slots going as quickly as possible.

And to summarize it:

Three or more of the Bomb symbols must be spun in when you are playing the Tiki Lounge slot game before you will get to play off the bonus game. Those symbols are scatters so it doesn’t matter where they spin in as long as you get three of them anywhere in view the bonus game will then be triggered. The stakes you were playing the Tiki Lounge base game will be the same ones that are in play as the free spins bonus game is playing off, and all winnings achieved via the free spins are credited to your casino account at the end of the bonus game feature. Plus, if you are ever in a position to base game on your slot playing session, then more chances of you scoring a much bigger winning combination if you are playing them with all of your available options in play this slot game for sure is a major pull and get attached to it.
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