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It does sit atop the main collection of "WGS Tribute Series" and even after the first season debuted, it hasn't exactly sat well with those new players. The new entry didn't really stand out when compared to some of the older slots that the franchise took a back seat to. Triple Diamond is another IGT-powered offering that will take you back to classic arcade lessons. Why did the most popular player get a new Triple Gold slot?

This is why Triple Gold was the biggest hit in its time slot. To understand why the Triple Gold slot was so popular, all you need to do is click on a single image to see how it looked on the other displays in the main collection. The Triple 10X Wild slot is also more than just the slot. If you like Triple Gold Tribute Series (as it does in its new release, then you should definitely stop by the Pinball Museum's Pinball Tour to see the newest version.

The Triple Gold Slots also has two base game features to play against, including a progressive jackpot (the double-up feature) and a bonus screen for those you whom aren't really high rollers.

Each time I look at the pinball box, I get three of three new cards. This means that once you buy one, you get three versions of your favorite Triple Gold slot. A couple of things that happen during purchase make the Triple Gold slots a great way to shop, purchase and buy on an everyday basis. Triple Magic Slot Machines are designed by the team over at Microgaming. For example, if there's a new Triple Gold slot in your pocket while you buy a used Turbo Car at a friend's house, you can purchase the Turbo Car as it comes in the showroom.

You can also play some of the games you already own in your own room so you don't have to buy the game you haven't yet learned of. Like I told you, Triple Gold Tribute Series was very much in its infancy. The Dragon Slot Machine Feature: Unlock the triple dragon bonus feature! Just imagine how excited my little "tribute girl friends" were when I saw their favorite Triple Gold slot arrive and put up a new price tag on their own set. I hope I've brought an interesting conversation to the community.

Please keep following me on Twitter, like me on Facebook and email me with any questions or comments you might have. For more information on Triple Gold, click here. The Slot Game Double Gold isn’t a traditional slot game.

Final thoughts

Not only does it come with the original slot, but it also comes with three exciting reels of your favorite game: Triples, Triples Plus, and Triples Extreme. Each of them comes with a different layout, with the new three reels featuring a more traditional layout, and with Triples Plus and Triples Extreme offering more than three times the payout as with Triple Gold Slots. Triple Gold Slots is one of the most popular casino games on World Superstars, as well as in the world of slot machines. Even though the game has a reputation as an old school game, most slots players tend to forget about it - and the fact that it's one of the most familiar slots games in the world is also probably due to its high popularity among casual or casual players. This is the slot game that is sure to get you ready for more exciting action, and you certainly won't be able to resist the temptation of playing TripleTriple Gold Slots anytime.
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