Understanding Slot Variance

Understanding Slot Variance

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A lot of high variance slots features are on the lower end of the high variance spectrum and will not be playing at a reasonable wage. It appears that as the technology improves they will be able to get rid of some of these high variance slots. Some even think higher frequency high slots are going down the line with the low variance slots and this is something we hope to see this decade. Tales of Dr Dolittle Online slot is full of great bonus features, and plenty of bright colours. A high variance casino must offer plenty of options to suit different play styles, thus it's crucial to ensure that the high variance slot system doesn't become too expensive to operate. What types of high variance slots is in 2018?

On the chart above it appears that we've only seen one category of high variance slots which we can't really call an option this year on the chart. A lot of high variance slots have a more limited variety that comes in many different formats. Double Triple Chance slot offers one of the most fascinating gambling opportunities out there. These higher variance slots allow for a lot of variation in how you invest your money.

Understanding Slot Variance

The best high variance slot systems are ones where money is still well invested into each machine in the slot system. The lowest variance slots are those that rely on a very low investment of money into a machine. Merkur Online Slots offers the perfect opportunity for one of the most creative and challenging online casino gaming experiences available right now. The majority of high variance slot systems in 2018 focus on 4 wheel spins for the top slot machine and will be the most high variance in 2018. The high volatility slot system in 2018, will also be on the low end of the frequency spectrum.

With the lowest fluctuations of the day being low volatility high volatility slot systems in 2018, their low volatility is less attractive to many individuals to use. High volatility high variance machine types like the Amway or Big Sky are on the higher end of the high volatility spectrum in terms of their high volatility. Power Force Villains Slot Machine is not only amazing, but can do quite a lot. In 2018 low variation is still better than high volatility low volatility slots. For those interested in the high variance slot machine types of 2018, below are the four most popular high variance slot types in 2018.

Low variance slots are available all over the globe

As a reference, this table is based on data from various casino sites and is only meant to represent top 4 wheel spins on the most popular machine types in 2018. This high variance slot system is most often associated with the casino's largest machines such as the Amway, the Big Sky, and the Amusement Club. Yggdrasil Gaming’s original game has medium reviews and is clear about which gaming infrastructure they use. The Amway features a lot of high frequency high variance cards so a lot of the players that like to play more high variance high frequencies will have a strong affinity with this system, as you see it on this chart.

Low variance slots allow you to have many high resolution and long length reels or large number of reel strips and add more to the number of online play sessions.

This low volatility casino is on another level entirely and as a result will not be playing much of the high frequency slot types. The Low Viscosity slot system may actually be the most desirable on the Las Vegas spectrum because they play less of them. The Legend of Terra is an ideal five reel fantasy slot from NeoGames that features five rows of coins. The Low Viscosity slots typically feature a very low player investment into a slot machine as this has the least risk as a result of the low player investment.


The vast majority of these are the first two slots for some combo or even RNG event as you will always be at a loss if this particular slot appears. These slot machines also have a number of 'Uniques' (random numbers). When using such high variance slots it will be difficult to predict which one will give the highest percentage, but that is not always the case. The majority of high variance slots will give you a very high, but that isn‪t necessarily the end of the reason to play this style of slot. There may be a number of other reasons that make you consider playing a variation of one or two 'Rare' slots while still retaining the advantages of high variance.
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