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This also brings Vikings into the table and allows you to pick up points and get back to the Viking, Viking fire slot. Our main draw cards are cards that cost 10 to 15 Viking's or Vikings can buy into. Your Rune Machine may count for more Wild Points or Vikings, but also includes a Rune Card to add a new token. The Vikings Slot Machine is available in a number of different variants. Note that the card is still free and there is a small chance that any card you pick up will drop to the Rune Machine.

We can change that within a short amount of time and may add it to the Viking Fire slot even if there is no Viking Fire slot available. Instead, you are creating your own Power-ups. If you have a strong desire for some Vikings or an even stronger Viking Fire, we will work with you to design special Vikings for your game to provide unique reward features, a unique Rune Machine which can be played anywhere on the Viking or Viking Fire table, and a special Power-up icon. The Lightning Box Games Official Site is available on their website. This unique Rune Machine has a limited number of slots, which allows for a high quality and fun Viking Fire.

Viking Fire slot machines feature tons of bonuses and some offer excellent rewards too even if you only bet a very small amount, you can trigger some very large payouts in this medium variance slot machine.

Please note that our Rune Machine is still a fully funded project so the development costs are dependent on the amount of Viking Fire you buy. As a result, we are often able to cut costs as quickly as possible. Why not join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+?

Viking Fire is a big fire-breatard of slot games

Thank you all for making Viking Fire even more fun and satisfying!

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