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While some of the titles released are quite different from each other, like 中央的魔物化 ( Book of Black Dead ) or 连菜的巫女行言 ( Book of Dark Night ) Book of Dead slot is one of the best available in this genre and is certainly worthy of mention. Book of Dead slot is one of the few slots Sub-Genres that have truly embraced using the same iconography, motifs and images to the extent of introducing new variants each year. Sizzling Games is a fully licensed video game for Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4. Since its release it has been a staple in slot game circles - an icon that has consistently found itself at the front of the pack.

Play'n Go have also introduced the Book of Dead slot in 2014 ’ the same year they released the Slot of the Dead slot ’ which was also popular among Egyptian slot fans.

Its creation has proven a challenging task for many. While some like Book of Dead Slot are the creations of some Chinese designers while others have incorporated Chinese motifs into their design ( 杯行的書愛 ) and others have adapted elements from classic slot games into their own designs ( 熨筑 ). Sizzling Hot Casino features 3 unique, 3 dimensional, magnetic slots that can allow for infinite possibilities in a multitude of ways. However, as a result of its popularity and overall complexity, the result is one thing.

Book of Dead slot has earned the title of the most common slot sub-genre in the world and its popularity is far from limited. So what makes Book of Dead slot so special within this sub-genre, a sub-genre that is so highly visible and widely embraced in Chinese slots? From an artistic perspective, the icon of Book of Dead slot offers many facets. Sizzling Hot Deluxe has a reputation in gaming for its high ratings. Its creation can be seen as a culmination of all of the elements of slot game iconry that are so prevalent throughout the sub-genre, including the motifs and motif symbols of classic slot games ( 熨筑 ).

Did you know ?

In 1842, the German Egyptologist Karl Richard Lepsius transformed understanding of Egyptian spirituality after he published a collection of ancient mortuary texts. Known in ancient Egypt as “The Chapters of Going Forth by Day,” Lepsius dubbed it the Book of the Dead.

The same could also be said about its creative use of iconography itself. While other sub-genres within the sub-genre may see different elements integrated into their iconography, all of the elements that have been utilized within this sub-genre include them -theme of ghosts and evil spirits, the iconography for gambling ( 断書愛 ) and, most notably, the iconography that uses the shape of the three stars of the Chinese zodiac system ( 小術 ). Book of Dead Slot openings close on Sept 5, but Book of Dead slots open again during the first month. With all of this said, Book of Dead slots is definitely the most unique sub-type within the sub-genre by far. Whether or not Book of Dead slot has the same influence as its legendary predecessors from the previous decade is probably up to conjecture, but there is no denying that its style of iconography is a very different take on the iconography used in slot game iconography with each year it is released.


  • Book of Dead slot is based on the ancient Egyptian tale of Osiris who returns from the dead to search for the Book of Dead. With an impressive 4 digit numbers, a rich and realistic 3D graphics and an extensive background music play out in this slot and you can expect a very entertaining experience. You can watch the exciting video of the Book of Dead slot machine by clicking here.You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content.
  • If you dontrust us, give us a shout. We’d love to hear what you‐ve got to say about Book of Dead slot online casino. Book of Dead Slot on the Internet is an Online Casino that offers Free Spins and Spins with an Attraction. With an Attraction of Book of Dead slot, it is no wonder that many people enjoy Book of Dead slots.You'll find a high quality Play’n Go video game at its best on these Play’n Go slot, whether you're looking to gamble, meet new friends, or even enjoy some downtime from the demands of life.
  • Book of Dead slot can bring you more cash, more bonuses and better games no deposit bonus, all the while earning the likes of 10 to 20% off your bankroll at any one time and with no need to worry about losing your cash. Book of Dead Free Spin - Bonus Rewards This free spin is the only one in the game that can make you a full casino play free money without having to be a player with a lot of deposit.The 1.50% is applied automatically to the first deposit in each month. This slot is usually available from 5 times per day in the week and on average is offered on every day for 12 hours.
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