Easter Eggs Slot

Easter Eggs Slot

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It is also full of features not usually found in paylines. There are five Easter Eggs in total; one reeled, two blank, one black, one pink and one white. The Leprechaun Carol trailer comes with a number of new Easter eggs. The first 5 Easter Eggs of the Easter Eggs slot are all blank.

Easter Eggs slot is just the tip of the Easter eggs iceberg

After that the Easter Egg list becomes a white list with the second and last three blank. The rest of the Easter egg are all in the Easter Eggs slot, the reels are colored like the Easter Eggs, the other features are very similar to how they are in paylines; some of them have a pink background, some of them are black. The Easter Slots are similar to many others out there, identical to a slot machine. The white list of Easter eggs is very simple.

You have 5 blank Easter Eggs and 1 pink Easter egg. I donthink it is worth your time to make this list, because there are a lot of hidden Easter eggs already and they don't deserve the time. Easter Egg Hunt Slot Machine Easter Bunny playing with his Easter Bunny The 'big yellow ball' Easter Bunny. If you need something, check the Easter Eggs slot in Play’n Go. Easter eggs are just like paylines, they have a certain theme, a theme that is usually related to the season.

If you click the Easter eggs in the Easter Eggs slot, you will get a quick guide of how to unlock them, but that information is not always up to date. Some Easter eggs are really tough to unlock in this slot. To get to the pink Easter egg in the Easter Eggs slot you will have to complete several challenges, here is the list of the challenges.

Easter Eggs Slot Machine Game

Easter Eggs Slot Machine Game

Video selected by: SF Studio

The rewards for all these challenges are just as the rewards in the PAYLINE or REEL slots for these seasons. If you have the time to unlock the pink egg, the reward will just be an extra Easter Egg. If you don't have the time for this Easter Egg, you can go to the Play’n GO site and get 500,000 Gold in PAYLINE at any time. I also included a list of the Easter Eggs that are not in the Easter Eggs slot in Play’n GO. I'm adding these Easter Eggs to Easter Egg list because they are probably worth your time. I was able to find all of these Easter eggs in play’n go, but I didn't have time to make this list for them).

The Easter Eggs are very similar to what's found in paylines and the rewards are similar. This list contains all of the Easter eggs that aren't in the Easter Eggs slot in Play’n GO. The first of the 5 Easter Eggs, Jiggly Pig Easter Eggs, is in the Easter Eggs slot.

If you click the blue Easter egg you have to play the puzzle to get to the reward. If you fail the puzzle, you don't get the prize. If you click the red Easter egg, you have to go through the puzzle.

If the puzzle is not complete, you don't get the prize.

To round it up:

But there are also some dark ones that are fun. Don't forget, the Easter Eggs slot from Play’n GO will also be in your collection, so you will find lots of them. So if you love Easter Egg collection, Play’n GO is a perfect opportunity. It is also a great time to look for some exclusive bonuses in Play’n GO.

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A wide range of amazing games on offer

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