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That's great and I wish that my iPhone camera could be bigger and better (at least according to the price! ). The Jungle Giants slot machine game is produced by the Australian software vendor (Microgaming) and well, it is quite popular all over the world. But itstill not a great experience for some to say, as the camera is so small that I'm afraid it will take my phone's battery for many hours upon a game to really take advantage of the feature. But you still get to see things and get to see some fantastic gameplay.

Dead or Alive Slot is a very simple game

The main reason I love Dead or Alive slots is because it's like a real-time strategy game—you actually manage your own strategy (with that particular element of strategy and not strategy with your friends). Dead or Alive slot is about as well executed as any video game on the market. Dead or Alive 2 in Action! Sure, the graphics are excellent (and I donthink any video game is quite as polished or detailed as Dead or Alive. But you'll likely want some extra controls on your game pad or controller to get the most out of the game.

It's fun for me, but it requires a bit more patience and the amount of time to master the mechanics. We also reviewed Dead or Alive 4, a much-acclaimed action adventure in the vein of the Mortal Kombat franchise. And if you like Dead or Alive slots, it's good to know that, although it was on this week's review, the game did sell very well. Slots Book of Dead™ is glitzy and luxurious as you trek through the forest in search of your personalised artefacts. In fact, this latest batch of games could just start winning some more $10,000 in sales, making up the bulk of the $14. 5 million sales that year.

Dead or Alive slot is popular because it features Wild symbols and free spins with 2x multipliers, so wins should be worthwhile, especially if these multipliers are accumulated.

Dead or Alive slot is available today for 3rd-party retailers.

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