Emerald Diamond Slot Machine

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The Emerald Diamond slot in the UK has four different games. The first one is the Diamond slot machine. Ancient Script Slot Machine only has 10 extra tickets.

The Emerald Diamond slot is more complicated and complex

The second is the "Slot of Happiness" in which you can play as Emerald (or any other number that you like, the third is a more recent spin and the final one is the slot machine where you can win yourself a bonus! The slot machine for this UK Emerald Diamond slot is the first three-reel-slot, and the machine has three unique patterns of diamonds. Fortune house as it is played by Ancient Chinese gods for the oriental gatherivity. The "Slot of Hope" has symbols representing the lucky number 7 and the "Slot of Fear" has symbols representing the "six". The machine also has a couple of unique, one-sided slots with a "3" in the middle!

Emerald Diamond Slot Machine

As you can see, it's almost a "classic" layout, giving just the right amount of entertainment to all the players. The Emerald Diamond slot machine from UK can pay out in any amount of, 1, or £50. The Rocket Men slot is played on a 3 reel slot with 4 explosive paylines. The minimum cashout for this particular machine is £1. There are several features in the Emerald Diamond slot game, including the ability to buy or sell a slot (or any items) for coins (or gems).

This type of game will work well for casual game nights and for the casual players who don't particularly like the high-voltage of a casino. But when the lights at your favourite bar or restaurant start flickering and you need to get out without spending £1 with some stranger who's been staring at you, it might be the right game for you, even some more serious players with a gambling background will find this fun.


The popular game in the UK, a perfect choice for the young or for the experienced player, the Emerald Diamond slot has all the fun and excitement of games of slot and more! We've added the popular online slot game 'Diamonds' to our website under a new brand, we'll feature more in the coming weeks we hope you enjoy it. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for daily updates, we look forward to your feedback.

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A catalogue of over 500 exciting casino games

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