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This fun arcade game provides the feel of a classic casino and has it's own unique twist on the classic theme with an action-packed theme. The Groovy Sixties slot has some of the most fun slots in casino history. Xcalibur Slot Machines- Excalibur slot slotsA Wild icon on a wild icon on the table is a special excalibur slot icon. The Groovy Sixties is one of the rare slot games that is completely free to enter. To play The Groovy Sixties slot simply open the game for 1 – 40 paylines and 1 – 5 bet levels.

Groovy Sixties is a game about rewinding the clock

You may only enter one game per 20 minutes and no paylowers will be taken so enter on time. If the number of players goes above 40 you will be issued a 5% bonus! The Planet of the Apes RTP comes with 16 different cards representing the various characters and creatures of the Planet of the Apes universe. This is your chance to make a long term commitment to yourself to explore The Groovy Sixties. The Groovy Sixties slot is a game of strategy, bluffing and deception.

The Groovy Sixties Slot Machine has coins and bet levels that range from 1 to 10, and the overall number of reels or rows played has a incredible level of more than 120.

No luck is lost but the chances are slim to none. Don't hold any bets over 100! If you have lost, it is perfectly acceptable to re-enter a game with the same amount of payline or bet level but with lower odds. In the game's opening screen the five symbols are the original Groovy Sixties logo and the groovy version of the letter S. Netent Slot Oyna’s live casino games allow you to get that real casino experience from the comfort of your own home. To unlock your secret to solving the game, simply tap all five buttons and the next key you tap to see the clue.

The solution can be found by finding the symbol in its original position and using all five cards! If at any other time when the symbols are out of place you tap all five buttons to start the game, you will have one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences yet. Butterfly Staxx review shows that NetEnt has invested a lot of effort into the design.

The Groovy Sixties slot can be played free from 10am until 7pm from this Saturday (October 4) until 9pm on Monday (October 8) at The Groovy Sixties Casino in Kew.


  • A small selection of the available themes for the Groovy Sixties slot are below and you can check them out in your Groovy slot at the following link. There are several other special Groovy themed slots available with many variations on each theme. Check out below for more special Groovy Sixties slots, as well as plenty for the casual player. This is where your Groovy Sixties slot is more than just a slot and will allow you to sit down with other players and spend hours playing each other's decks.All you have to do is create a groovy deck on your table and you're good to go.
  • There are lots of different versions of the game and the Groovy Sixties slot contains over 2,000 coin options and a lot of new and old reel symbols so it is sure to offer a lot of fun as you will not be forgetting all of the history of this beloved slot by NetEnt. There is also a Groovy Sixties Sledge for sale on Amazon. o. k. We can help you with the Groovy Sixties slot, as a number of online auctions are now being run up for them. In case you are in the market for a discounted Groovy Sixties slot, let us know how you would like to participate using the widget below.
Welcome bonus offers mean lots more playing
Welcome bonus offers mean lots more playing

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