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Maaax Diamonds Slot

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Each slot is created over multiple months using a traditional art pipeline, allowing players to explore and discover different ideas that play off one another. The biggest challenge is simply being able to make Maaax Diamonds play well at any level – there’s no perfect balance to this, or any other modern slot engine. The Horsemen Slot catalogue also includes a range of older slot machines which have found success at the casino but are not available to consumers. For every slot that comes out that is good, there is another that is bad, because each genre requires different play patterns and approaches to its mechanics. If one type of slot can play well at any level, then that means there must be something else that can do well to be a good fit for the average player.

Maaax Diamonds features a set of seven fruits

There are a few steps you should take as well, and they arentoo difficult to follow. That is right – Maaax Diamonds is not a classic retro slot. Hot Fruits is, of course, a tried and tested vintage slot game for players out there. We don't have the same nostalgia that I personally have for old SNES, Sega, and Megadrive. And yet, as I played a bunch of Maaax Diamonds, I learned that every new option that came out was something that could be fun to play in its own right.

Maaax Diamonds is not a traditional slot machine, the more often I see it shown are three-column rows which are used interchangeably here with a single row.

The second key is the art style. Maaax Diamonds has an art style that's both vintage and modern. The Fruit Cocktail 2 slot game features high resolution graphics, interactive game and various features. Most slots have a style that is simple and clean as they run down the line, but many do it in a style that comes out of the 90's or early 00's where the aesthetic is completely different. The Maaax Diamonds logo in the background shows off this new style, and the two-toned stripes that run along it in conjunction with the large and bright color palette suggest a kind of retro-future that feels incredibly modern.

These two main styles combined combine to create a modern design but still feel nostalgic and modern. Even the "old" style Maaax Diamonds also seems to have an art style that is reminiscent of the past, with a large, bright color scheme across a relatively small space, making every slot feel big and expansive. The art style isn't really what you are looking for out of a slot. In fact, it's the art style that comes with any slot engine.

Maaax Diamonds is one of the oldest of all Gamomat favourites

Maaax Diamonds isn’t a traditional retro slot. This is where Maaax Diamonds comes to its real strength. I was delighted while experiencing Maaax Diamonds to learn that Maaax Diamonds was designed without any of the archaic mechanics that are popular in modern slots. And yet, I can see why some feel that Maaax Diamonds isn’t a good fit for modern players. Maaax Diamonds does feel like a modern slot engine, because this is exactly how it was designed to work.

Each slot in Maaax Diamonds plays off an old system, and in many cases, that is how a player will be able to determine the most optimal play pattern in any particular slot.


  • In my opinion, Maaax Diamonds is one of the most entertaining slots of the year’and has quite a lot going for it. If I were to include slots that I find to be fun, this game would have to be Maaax Diamonds. This slot requires the players to collect coins.

    The goal of any Amazement slot is to get more coins than the opponent. Once you have collected 30 coins, you are out of luck and a total loss.

  • Maaax Diamonds is available on Game Place via the Game Place Marketplace. Game Place customers who purchased the Maaax Diamonds slots through the Gamomat online slot machine will also get access to the Maaax Jewel Collection game. All in all, Game Place is an online retailer of video games, so if you're looking to grab an old arcade slot machine, Game Place is the place to be. Gamomat is also available on their website at The Game Place Shop, with a special discount for the Gem Maaax Diamonds Game - we recommend that you try a few of their games out before committing!

  • We hope that Maaax Diamonds can appeal to a wider range of gambling enthusiasts as well. Maaax Diamonds online slot machine is available now at Gamomat. o. k. Update : In addition to Maaax Diamonds, Gamomat offers a host of other slots and slots games, from the very popular Roulette wheel games (Roulette, Roulette 2, Roulette Slot, Roulette Slot 2 and so on) to video lottery and coin-operated games like Wheel of Fortune. See more in our casino guide.

  • Maaax Diamonds will be available soon on the PC version of the PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PlayStation 3 games on September 11th 2016 on Steam, and in the coming week on mobile platforms such as BlackBerry, Apple, ndroid. The Maaax Diamonds is available in select countries around the world for $1.99 USD.

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Lots of world-class games for your enjoyment

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